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Food Safety Training Programs

Protect Your Brand and Comply With Regulatory Requirements.

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SCS Global Services training courses are delivered by experienced industry professionals who provide guidance and instruction to assist you and your team in confidently developing, implementing, and improving your food safety systems.

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We offer a variety of training styles including webinars, classroom-style at select locations, and self-paced online courses

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* All courses are led by experienced, qualified professionals, and provide curriculum based on the most current food industry standards. We specialize in methods to reduce food safety risks and teach you how to prepare for audits.

Courses include training materials, exams if applicable, and certificates of completion.

Leaders in the Industry

For over 30 years, we have been setting standards in the food safety industry.

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We also offer Certification, Validation, Verification and Consulting Services for select industries!

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SCS Partners

Our Partner in On-farm Worker Safety Training & Resources

A Value-added Benefit for SCS Agriculture Clients

Through complimentary and joint education, training, and service offerings, SCS and AgSafe support growers, packers, distributors, and farm labor contractors, addressing critical issues impacting worker safety, health, human resources, and food safety.




TraceTrust is committed to elevating the Cannabis and Hemp industry’s standard of dose accuracy to support manufacturers dedicated to product transparency and safety, furthering consumer confidence in Cannabis and Hemp derived products.


The Last Prisoner Project focuses on justice initiatives for individuals still incarcerated for victimless cannabis offenses. SCS is supporting the Prison to Prosperity Reentry Program with food safety vocational training scholarships.

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