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GLOBALG.A.P. Certification

GFSI-Level Food Safety & Environmental Practices
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GLOBALG.A.P. certification opens valuable new markets to large and small producers alike, and helps satisfy advanced food safety and sustainability specifications of retailers and major buyers worldwide. Assure your customers that your good agricultural practices for food safety and your environmental management practices meet GLOBALG.A.P. requirements. GLOBALG.A.P. is a Global Food Safety Initiative (GFSI) benchmarked standard.

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Program Details

Eligible Producers

SCS is accredited by the American National Standards Institute (ANSI) to conduct GLOBALG.A.P. audits for any producer of primary agricultural products including fruits and vegetables, combinable crops, and hops. SCS is also approved to conduct the Tesco module, which is now an add on to GLOBALG.A.P.’s Integrated Farm Assurance (IFA) standard

Certification Options

SCS offers certification to the Integrated Farm Assurance (IFA) Standard, Harmonized Produce Safety Standard (HPSS), and Produce Safety Standard (PSS). The following certification options apply to all standards.

  • Option 1:  Certification for Single Site and Multi-site - For individual producers of single-site or multi-site operations with or without an implemented Quality Management System (QMS).
  • Option 2: Group Certification - for small producers seeking recognition under one group certificate, and for multi-site operations operating under a unified QMS and internal auditing procedure.

Certification Criteria

  • GLOBAL GAP Integrated Farm Assurance is a globally harmonized scheme for Good Agricultural Practices with food safety and environmental components. SCS certifies to the Integrated Farm Assurance (IFA) Standard for Fruits and Vegetables and approved for Combinable Crops, Hops, and Tesco. The scheme consists of the following control points and compliance criteria.
    1. Food safety
    2. Food traceability
    3. Environmental sustainability (including biodiversity)
    4. Worker operational health and safety

Members can choose add-ons to further differentiate their operations.

  • GLOBALG.A.P. Harmonized Produce Safety Standard is a subset of IFA, covering food safety and food traceability essentials for fruits and vegetables. HPSS is similar to GAP audits in the US market and is GFSI.


SCS can walk you through a pre-assessment process. Pre-assessment is a non-scored mock audit designed to assess the level of your preparedness for a certification audit. Ask about combining a pre-assessment with your initial audit for greater efficiency.

Complementary Services

In addition to GLOBALG.A.P. certification, SCS offers a full suite of food safety and food quality testing and certification services to help you satisfy customer requests. Combine GLOBALG.A.P. Certification with Organic Certification, Certified Sustainably Grown or Fair Trade Certification, for added operational and cost efficiency.

  1. Apply for Auditing

    Fill out an SCS Application form. Contact SCS at [email protected] to request guidance. SCS will return a proposal for your approval with suggested scope of work, timeline and quote. To initiate the certification process, return a signed proposal and Work Order.

  2. Complete Registration Form

    SCS sends you a form requesting any documentation that the auditors will need to prepare for the on-site audit.

  3. Schedule the Audit

    SCS assigns an auditor and audit dates are proposed. Once an audit date is confirmed, an audit plan is provided to ensure that your team is prepared.

  4. On-Site Audit

    A team meeting is required at the beginning and the end of the audit. At the conclusion of the audit, the auditor discusses the audit results, including any non-conformities.

  5. Complete Corrective Actions and Technical Review

    Identified non-conformities must be addressed and evidence of corrective actions provided to SCS within 28 days. The auditor reviews and closes out non-conformities as warranted. Once this process is complete, the auditor submits an audit report.

  6. Make Certification Decision

    SCS conducts a final technical review of the audit report and Corrective Action documentation and makes the final certification decision.

  7. Receive Certificate

    If certification is achieved, SCS issues the certificate and final report to the facility/operation and posts reports to the SCS Certified Supplier Directory and to retailer databases when requested. Annual audits are required to maintain certification.


GLOBALG.A.P. certification by SCS can help you in several ways:

  • Limit Risk - Minimize the potential for food safety incidents and recalls
  • Become a Preferred Supplier - Many retailers require GLOBALG.A.P. certification for their manufacturers and suppliers
  • Global Recognition - GLOBALG.A.P. IFA is recognized by more than 100 countries
  • Competitive Edge - Assure your customers that food has been produced, processed, prepared and handled to rigorous standards
  • Improvement over Time - Demonstrate continual improvements to quality and safety processes
  • Professional Service - SCS is known for our thorough, timely audits

GLOBALG.A.P. Growers Workshop: IFA Version 5.1 - Crops Base; Fruits & Vegetables

This two-day course is designed for food safety and quality team members of all levels involved in the GLOBALG.A.P. program. The training explains the various farm certification options and the requirements upon which the Standard, inspections and audits are based. It is available in-person (public or onsite at your facility) or self-paced online, in either English or Spanish. See here.

Visit our Resource Center to view complementary webinars on GLOBALG.A.P. and more – see here

For other SCS training courses, including HACCP for Produce Operations, Internal Auditor, SQF and more see here

SCS Global Services ofrece capacitación en persona y en línea a su propio ritmo

Horario de cursos ofrecidos en México - HACCP, SQF, GLOBALG.A.P.

Horario de cursos ofrecidos en los Estados Unidos.


Some of the questions and answers below are excerpted from the GLOBALG.A.P. website.

What is GLOBALG.A.P.?

GLOBALG.A.P. is a private sector body that sets voluntary standards for the certification of agricultural products around the globe. Formerly known as EUREPGAP, GLOBALG.A.P. has established itself as a key reference for Good Agricultural Practice (G.A.P.) in the global marketplace, by translating consumer requirements into agricultural production in a rapidly growing list of countries (currently more than 100) on every continent.

What types of businesses will benefit from GLOBALG.A.P. Certification?

GLOBALG.A.P. is a pre-farm-gate standard, which means that the certificate covers the process of the certified product from farm inputs like feed or seedlings and all the farming activities until the product leaves the farm. GLOBALG.A.P. is a business-to-business label and is therefore not directly visible to consumers. Existing national or regional farm assurance schemes that have successfully completed their benchmarking process are recognized as an equivalent to GLOBALG.A.P.

Which GLOBALG.A.P. standards does SCS certify to?

SCS certifies to the current version of Integrated Farm Assurance (IFA) for Fruits and Vegetables and is approved for Combinable Crops, Hops, and Tesco addendums. SCS is also accredited to certify producers to the Harmonized Produce Safety Standard (HPSS) and Produce Safety Standard (PSS).

What is GLOBALG.A.P. Integrated Farm Assurance Certification?

Integrated Farm Assurance (IFA) is a comprehensive certification recognized by retailers globally. IFA emphasizes a holistic approach to farm certification and covers food safety, environment (including biodiversity), worker's operational health and safety, and traceability. The Fruits & Vegetables Standard covers all stages of production, from pre-harvest activities such as soil management and plant protection product application to post-harvest produce handling, packing and storing. The Combinable Crops Standard covers propagation material, machinery and equipment, crop protection, harvesting, and harvest crop handling.

IFA certification allows producers greater access to both international and domestic markets. The IFA Standard is globally recognized by retailers and food service in more than 100 countries.

What is GLOBALG.A.P. Harmonized Produce Safety Standard (HPSS) certification?

The Harmonized Produce Safety Standard (HPSS) focuses on the food safety and traceability elements of the IFA standard. This standard is a subset of the IFA standard that was developed for the North American market where the demand for compliance with the Food Safety elements of the IFA standard has priority above the non-food safety components. HPSS is a GFSI-recognized scheme, and allows you to upgrade to IFA if you require additional criteria or decide to export your produce abroad.

Visit the GLOBALG.A.P. FAQs section on the GlobalG.A.P. website for more information.

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