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Build greater environmental transparency into your product sector and earn the respect of your stakeholders and customers by establishing carefully crafted Product Category Rules (PCRs).  PCRs are the product category-specific requirements for conducting life cycle assessment (LCA) studies and reporting their findings through Environmental Product Declarations (EPD), consistent with international standards ISO 14025 and ISO 14044.  EPDs are recognized by a growing number of green rating systems, such as LEED v4 and Green Globes.

SCS is uniquely qualified to guide you through the exacting, multi-stakeholder PCR development process. Our broad industry expertise stems from over 30 years as a pioneer in environmental claims certification, and as a leading LCA practitioner and developer of advanced LCA methods. Clients include producers of building and construction products, furnishings, food and agriculture, paper, chemicals, electric power generation, and more. SCS is among the first organizations recognized by the ANSI National Accreditation Board (ANAB) as an eligible Program Operator and accredited independent EPD Verifier.

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PCR Sponsorship

Product Category Rule (PCR) development is typically sponsored by a group of stakeholders, including industry associations, groups of manufacturers, or other interested parties. Individual manufacturers may contact SCS for PCR development services, but the process must include a stakeholder group involving multiple parties.

Relevant Standards

PCRs must be prepared in accordance with the requirements set forth in ISO 14025. PCRs of construction products must additionally comply with ISO 21930. Copies of these ISO standards can be downloaded from ANSI:

SCS' Role

Our job is guide your PCR development process to assure that it fully complies with the requirements of international standards, and that it achieves the transparency, scientific grounding, and comprehensive coverage needed to guarantee credibility in the marketplace. We will assist with organization of the stakeholder group, manage the peer review process, provide expert input based on extensive experience with LCA, and oversee the PCR development.

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  • Conduct LCA studies, based on conventional framework or advanced, comprehensive LCA metrics.
  • Perform a third-party critical review of your LCA.
  • Provide verification of your EPD, evaluated against PCRs developed by SCS or by other EPD program operators.
  • Receive turn-key LCA EPD service where we handle the entire process from beginning to your EPD verification by a 3rd party.

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