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FEMB level

The European Office Furniture Federation’s Sustainability Certification Programme

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The FEMB “level” certification programme follows the experience gained by BIFMA in North America and proceeds along a similar path to provide a voluntary certification scheme for office furniture manufacturers. FEMB level is a pan-European certification scheme designed to deliver the most open and transparent means of evaluating and communicating the environmental and social impacts of furniture products in the built environment.

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For manufacturers, conformity to the FEMB standard will facilitate trade across geographic borders providing cost savings and reducing time and resources needed to respond to requests from different national markets. For customers, the FEMB standard and level certification will provide a reliable tool to compare the environmental and social impacts of furniture products coming from any country in Europe.

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Eligible Product

Products eligible for FEMB level® certification include all office and non-domestic indoor furniture products.

Certification Criteria

Qualification for level® certification under the FEMB Furniture Sustainability Requirements includes conformance to criteria under four specific categories.

  • Materials
  • Energy and Atmosphere
  • Human and Ecosystem Health
  • Social Responsibility

Points earned under each of these categories determine the level of certification earned:

  • level 1. The first tier of certified performance
  • level 2. Additional milestones of performance achieved
  • level 3. The highest level of performance recognized

Certification to FEMB level® attests that the product, the manufacturing facility, and the company responsible for the product brand, have been evaluated by an accredited third-party certification body against the multi-attribute criteria of the FEMB Sustainability requirements for office and non-domestic furniture for indoor use.

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