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Verify your plastic waste reduction projects with SCS: Plastic waste collection and recycling

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With more and more public scrutiny of plastic waste, especially single-use plastic ending up in our environment, landfills, and oceans, plastic waste reduction has become a key metric for corporations for their environmental, social, and governance (ESG) and corporate sustainability reporting (CSR).

The Plastic Waste Reduction Standard by Verra provides a financial incentive that supports activities that increase plastic waste collection and/or recycling from the environment while supporting a circular economy.

Organizations that demonstrate plastic waste reduction and get their project validated and verified by a third-party validation/verification body (VVB) like SCS can earn Plastic Credits and gain revenue to financially support their plastic waste collection and recycling programs. Verra's Plastic Program is a secure way for facilities to gain recognition financially and reputationally for their plastic waste reduction efforts.

Organizations can develop plastic projects in many ways through plastic waste collection, sorting, and/or production of recycled materials (formally or informally), demonstrating improved or scaled-up efforts, and developing initiatives to mechanically or chemically recycle.


SCS Global Services (SCS) 's project validations and verifications are high-quality, transparent services that ensure high reputable plastic credits for your brand or organization. You will work with our internationally reputable team of offset verification experts, who served on the multi-stakeholder Plastic Standard Development Committee to help develop the Standard.

Since 2007, SCS has been verifying offset projects and was among the first companies in the world accredited for verification under ISO 14065. Our plastic waste reduction assessment team builds upon its experience in carbon offset verification, having verified over 295 million tonnes of carbon offsets and 160 assessments, totaling more than 18 million acres globally. You will receive a customer-focused experience with SCS with prompt and helpful responses and a dedicated team of experts to conduct your project audits.

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Why seek Plastic Waste Reduction Verification?

  • Gain Revenue – Trade your plastic credits and get rewarded financially
  • Reduce Risk – Assure funders and buyers of plastic credits that your projects are making real reduction of plastic waste
  • Improve Brand Reputation – Stand out amongst competitors with a focus on reducing plastic
  • Meet ESG Commitments – Contribute to Net Zero Plastic declarations from you or your customers
  • Use a Verified Claim – Obtain the Verified Plastic Reduction Standard logo to substantiate your claim
  • Learn Operational Efficiencies – Gain best practices for your operations by following the Standard

Why verify with SCS?

  • Exceptional Customer Support: Receive timely, expert, and professional service throughout the verification process
  • Team of quality auditors – Leverage our over 15+ years of technical expertise in offset verification towards assessing your plastic waste reduction project  
  • Highly engaged in the industry – Utilize SCS as a resource, as we helped develop the Plastic Standard and are on the Verra Advisory Board
  • Leverage sustainability knowledge – Collaborate with SCS' many other sustainability programs related to plastics and other waste

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