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SVLK Timber Legality Verification

For Forest Managers and Wood Product Traders in Indonesia
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Assure your customers that your wood products sourced from Indonesia are produced from legally harvested wood. Verification under the Indonesian Timber Legality Assurance System, INDO-TLAS/Sistem Verifikasi Legalitas Kayu (SVLK) does just that. SCS Global Services can help your company dramatically lower its risk of inadvertent violations of the European Union Timber Regulation (EUTR), the US Lacey Act, Australia’s Illegal Logging Prohibition, and other timber legality regulations.

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Program Details

SVLK verification is available to individual organizations and groups of associated organizations with timber operations in Indonesia, including forest managers, sawmills, pulp mills and manufacturers. Organizations that operate solely in Indonesia as well as organizations elsewhere with supply chain links in Indonesia can seek verification with SCS.

SVLK Verification Options
  • Natural Forest and Plantation Management Operations – Verification of legally required documents will be checked against on-the-ground practices through on-site audits. Associations of natural forest or plantation managers can be verified as a group.
  • Manufacturers, Factories and Exporters – During on-site audits, SCS verifies the effectiveness of your procedures for tracking legal wood products throughout operations. Upstream suppliers and distributors may be included in the audit. Associations of wood product suppliers can be verified as a group.
Our SVLK Expertise and Complementary Services

SCS is a global expert in forest management certification and has already conducted numerous successful SVLK audits. In addition, SCS provides certification to the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) standards as well as verification services under all of the leading forest carbon offset schemes.

Public Summary of V-Legal Document Issuance

As part of public outreach on SVLK implementation and also to meet the requirements of the SVLK program, PT. SCS presents a public summary of V-Legal Documents issued for each client. The public summary is presented for each month presenting application of V-Legal Document, conforming application and non-conforming application for each client.

Sebagai bagian dari mendapatkan masukan dari masyarakat terkait pelaksanaan SVLK, dan juga untuk memenuhi persyaratan SVLK, PT. SCS menampilkan ringkasan publik penerbitan Dokumen V-Legal untuk setiap client. Ringkasan publik yang ditampilkan oleh PT. SCS menyajikan usulan Dokumen V-Legal, usulan yang memenuhi dan usulan yang tidak memenuhi dari masing-masing client.

SVLK Accreditation Scopes

  • Annex 2.1 – Standard of Timber Legality Verification for IUPHHK-HA, IUPHHK-HT, IUPHHK-RE and Management Rights.
  • Annex 2.2 – Standard of Timber Legality Verification for Forest State Maintained by The Community (HTR, HKm, HD, HTHR).
  • Annex 2.3 – Standard of Timber Legality Verification for Private Community forest, included usage right for business activity (Hak Guna Usaha), Usage right (hak pakai), land bend (tanah bengkok), titisara, village owned forest (hutan milik desa), costumary forest (hutan adat) and the graves (kuburan)
  • Annex 2.4 – Standard of Timber Legality Verification for IPK included IPPKH.
  • Annex 2.5 – Standard of Timber Legality Verification for IUIPHHK Holder with Capacity > 6.000 m3/year and/or IUI with investment value > 500 million rupiah.
  • Annex 2.6 – Standard of Timber Legality Verification for IUIPHHK Holder with Capacity ≤ 6.000 m3/year and/or IUI with investment value ≤ 500 million rupiah.
  • Annex 2.7 – Standard of Timber Legality Verification for Tanda Daftar Industry (TDI)
  • Annex 2.8 – Standard of Timber Legality Verification for Industri Rumah Tangga/Pengrajin.
  • Annex 2.9 – Standard of Timber Legality Verification for Tempat Penampungan Terdaftar (TPT)
  • Annex 2.10 – Standard of Timber Legality Verification for Non Manufacture Export Lisence

Suspension, Withdrawal and Termination

Reasons for suspension are:

  • Unwillingness to follow a surveillance audit according to the appropriate SVLK-LK timescale procedures;
  • Any non-conformities raised as the result of the special audit;
  • the license holder totally failed to fulfill S-LK requirements
  • A “TIDAK MEMENUHI/NOT COMPLY” of surveillance result and no improvement evidence recieved during improvement period (10 calendar days after closing meeting) an decision maker decided “TIDAK LULUS/FAILED”
  • the license holder do not submit appeal decision result during appeal period;
  • the license holder voluntarily propose for suspending LK certificate (S-LK);
  • Other, but not limited to: unwillingness or inability to meet financial or contractual arrangements; misusing or damaging the integrity of PT SCS or relevant accreditation body trademarks; intentional violation of requirements; or association with fraud.

    Reasons for withdrawal or termination are:

  • license holder voluntarily propose for suspending LK certificate (S-LK);
  • Unwillingness to follow a surveillance audit after the S-LK certificate is suspended for 3 months;
  • Evidence by law in purchasing and/or receiving and/or storing and/or processing and/or selling illegal timber;
  • Revocation of the business license of the certificate holder.
  • legality document revoked by the government and declared invalid;
  • disaster occured either intentional or unintentionally destroy the forest resource caused the forest is not feasible to managed;

Scope extention and deduction

Auditee who wish to extend or deduct it certification scope can contact PT SCS Indonesia.

Certification rejection

PT. SCS can reject any application for SVLK certification that is not included in our accreditation scope and/or based on application review suspected a high risk for illegal activities.

  1. Register for Verification with KAN

    First, file a request for SVLK verification with Indonesia’s National Accreditation Committee KAN. (KAN may have already contacted you with a mandate for verification.)

  2. Self-Assessment

    Collect all documents needed for the SVLK verification. Review your systems and practices against SVLK requirements to identify any gaps prior to our assessment.

  3. Desk Review

    Engage SCS for a review of all submitted documentation; respond to requests from SCS for any additional information needed.

  4. On-Site Audit

    Undergo an on-site audit in which a SCS auditor reviews quality procedures, tours harvesting areas and processing facilities, and conducts interviews with staff. Following the on-site audit, SCS documents all observations and findings for each requirement of SVLK.

  5. Verification Decision and Report

    Based on audit findings, SCS makes a verification decision and issues a final report. Successful applicants are issued an S-LK (Sertifikat Legalitas Kayu) certificate, which leads to V-Legal status for export. The certificate is valid for three years.

  6. Maintain Verification

    After successful verification, you are registered on the SCS website as an S-LK certificate holder with V-Legal status. An annual surveillance audit by SCS is required to maintain certification. You will also receive information about communicating your achievement and using SCS verification marks. We recommend that you apply for SVLK re-verification at least six months prior to your certificate expiration date.

How Long Does the SVLK Verification Process Take?

The SVLK verification process is designed to be efficient and cost-effective. The SVLK regulation requires that the entire process from the start of verification to the final report shall take no longer than 69 days. The process could be significantly shorter, however, depending on availability of information pertinent to the audit process.

How Much Does SVLK Verification Cost?

Costs vary depending on project size, location, complexity and type as well as level of preparedness. Contact SCS for a customized quote.

Do I Have to Seek SVLK Verification?

Any forest manager, factory or wood product trader in Indonesia that handles wood products ultimately bound for export must seek SVLK verification and earn an S-LK certificate.

What is the SVLK Voluntary Partnership with the EU?

As of March 2013, any organization importing wood into the EU must provide “due diligence” documentation that the wood was harvested legally. Indonesia has signed a Voluntary Partnership Agreement (VPA) with the EU establishing that V-Legal importers from Indonesia meet this due diligence requirement and do not need any additional audits. That is, the SVLK program supports legal sourcing of wood from Indonesia while streamlining the process of importing wood products into the EU and other major wood product import countries.

Does SVLK Verification Ensure Timber Legality Compliance?

With SVLK verification by SCS, your company will have the documentation needed to substantiate the legality of your timber and wood products from Indonesia. SVLK verification is designed to provide credible proof of compliance.

Program Documents

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