LBMA and LPPM Responsible Sourcing

Ensure and protect the integrity of your global precious metals supply chains through a due diligence assurance engagement

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LBMA and LPPM Responsible sourcing certifications for precious metals refiners and assayers is the best way to demonstrate compliance in global markets and establish integrity and confidence to investors and consumers. Global supply chains recognize the LBMA (London Bullion Market Association) and LPPM (London Platinum & Palladium Market) standards as vital to fight human rights abuses, money laundering, terrorist financing, and more.

SCS is an approved global service provider of LBMA and LPPM with ISAE 3000 expertise and 30+ years of experience in sustainability and responsible sourcing certifications and standards development.


We have experts worldwide to perform cost-effective due diligence assurance engagements so that you can meet the Standard requirements, reduce risk in your supply chain, and be placed on the Good Delivery List for trading on the global OTC market.

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Become a Member of LBMA/LPPM
Ensure that you have LBMA or LPPM membership. To apply, visit or  

Select SCS as your Approved Service Provider
SCS will prepare a proposal for your approval with suggested scope of work, timeline and quote. If the proposal meets your needs, you sign a Work Order and schedule your assurance engagement.

On-site Assurance Engagement
The scope of activities is agreed upon on in advance. During a site visit, an SCS practitioner will review the applicable metal supply chains and associated due diligence activities with the procedures and documents provided by the client (from receipt of inputs to final product). Additionally, the practitioner will tour the operations where certified material is handled and interview key staff. Stakeholder consultation is an integral part of the assessments. We look for evidence that staff has been duly trained in the responsibilities that have been assigned to them and that staff possess an understanding of the workflow for certified products.

Assessment Report
SCS provides an assurance report, which is submitted to an SCS Technical Associate who validates the appropriateness of the practitioner’s methodology and conclusions. The report is submitted to LBMA or LPPM’s Compliance Review Panel.

Certification Decision
Once corrective actions are implemented, the LBMA or LPPM Compliance Review Panel will take about a month to review and make a certification decision. If granted, you will be issued a certificate by the LBMA or LPPM.

Maintain Certification
Certified companies are listed on the LBMA Good Delivery List or the LPPM Good Delivery List. Annual limited engagements are required to maintain certification.

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