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About our company

Providing global leadership in third-party environmental, sustainability, food safety and quality certification, auditing, and standards development since 1984.



SCS provides services around the world, working in the natural resources, built environment, consumer products and climate sectors. Partnering with companies, government agencies, NGOs, and stakeholders, we are striving to advance sustainable development goals through independent assessment, the application of sound science, and innovative solutions. Through these services, we are enabling decision-makers and purchasers to make informed decisions, giving innovators a competitive edge, and helping to drive the development of leadership standards to create a framework for continuous improvement.

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Our Vision
A sustainable future that safeguards our environment and our climate, respects the dignity and supports the health and wellbeing of workers and communities, and raises the standard of living for all.

Our Mission
To achieve this vision, we have established programs and services designed to recognize the outstanding achievements of companies, institutions and organizations who are meeting the highest levels of performance in environmental protection, social/ethical responsibility, product safety and quality, and stimulate continuous improvement on the path toward sustainability. In this undertaking, we employ a life-cycle framework, state-of-the-art science, proven analytical methods, and performance metrics and professional expertise.

Our Commitment
To deliver world-class professional service, uphold our integrity as a neutral third-party, and continually improve our programs and services in order to have the greatest possible positive impact.

Our Contribution

Together with our clients and partners, we are actively impacting the world around us:

  • Advancing sustainable agriculture
  • Securing supply chain integrity
  • Assuring food safety and quality from farm to fork
  • Promoting indoor air quality for building products, furnishings and finishes
  • Encouraging resource conservation and recycling
  • Protecting fragile ecosystems on land and in the ocean
  • Reducing company carbon footprints
  • Supporting informed decision-making

Our Role As A Neutral Third Party

Third-party audits, test results, and certifications provide the independent perspective needed to help our clients evaluate their own performance, identify improvement opportunities, determine the best steps forward, and reassure customers and stakeholders.

We vigorously uphold our third-party status through the following steps:


four assets


Our History

Since we were founded in 1984, sustainability has become a key business driver around the globe. Here are some of the exciting milestones in our history.


Setting the Standard for Sustainability: 1984 to Present.

A Benefit Corporation

Founded in 1984 as Ohlone Inc., we became Scientific Certification Systems (SCS) in 1988, a name which better communicated our efforts to apply rigorous science to the task of third-party certification of claims, paying attention to holistic, system-wide ramifications. In 2012, we became SCS Global Services, communicating our international reach, and reorganized as one of California’s first Benefit Corporations, a class of corporation that has a corporate purpose to create a material positive impact on society and the environment.