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Farm Sustainability Assessment

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Promote your food company or farm’s sustainability progress through verification under the Farm Sustainability Assessment (FSA) program. The FSA tool was developed by SAI Platform, a food industry organization dedicated to advancing sustainable agriculture in the food chain. FSA is used to evaluate the level of on-farm sustainability, to spur continuous farm improvement, support sustainable supply chain goals, and to benchmark existing standards, codes, schemes and legislation.  

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Program Details

SAI Platform created FSA in 2014 to assess the level of on-farm sustainability and to benchmark existing standards. The tool is used in 32 countries and available in 19 languages for a variety of food and beverage agricultural ingredients.

Food Companies – Use the FSA tool to support your sustainable sourcing goals.  SCS will assist you in evaluating your existing operations, goal setting, and implementation of responsible supply chain measures – anywhere in the world.

Farms – Earn recognition under one of three performance tiers, based on your level of conformance with essential, basic, and advanced criteria:

  • Bronze: Solid base of good farming practices. 100% coverage of essentials and 75% of basic.
  • Silver: Sustainable farming practices recognized by leading companies. 100% coverage of essentials, 80% of basic, and 50% of advanced.
  • Gold: Exceptional farming practices. 100% coverage of essentials, 100% of basic, and 75% of advanced.

SCS can assist you by conducting supplier audits, or by providing more comprehensive Responsible Sourcing solutions.

  1. Instructions
    Request initial instructions to begin certification process
  2. Complete Questionnaire
    Initiate the audit process by completing a self-assessment questionnaire
  3. Review
    Review guidance and supporting documents with SCS assistance
  4. Audit Schedule, prepare and undergo third-party audit by SCS
  5. Report
    SCS will produce a report detailing the outcome of the audit as well as a sustainability score for review
  6. Corrective Actions
    Any issues cited will be addressed and steps to improve will be outlined and taken as needed
  7. Certification
    SCS will provide a certificate of achievement
Benchmarking and Bundling

Existing standards, codes, schemes and legislation can be benchmarked to the FSA tool. This process involves scoring against 112 questions, as well as a consistency check by an SAI Platform-approved independent expert.

SCS Sustainably Grown has been successfully benchmarked to the FSA standard, earning Silver Tier recognition.  This means that you can simultaneously earn recognition under the FSA Tool and under the popular Sustainably Grown® program when you get certified by SCS.

SCS is also accredited to perform certification under these FSA-benchmarked standards and codes of conduct:

  • Bonsucro production
  • ISCC
  • RSB
  • RSPO
  • UTZ

What is SAI Platform?
SAI Platform is a food and beverage industry organization dedicated to promoting sustainable agriculture in the food chain. It created the Farm Sustainability Assessment (FSA) tool to evaluate the level of on-farm sustainability.

How long does an FSA audit take from start to finish?
The timeframe for completion of the audit depends on the size and complexity of your operation. Typically, the entire process can be completed within a few weeks to a few months

Can FSA and Sustainably Grown certifications be bundled for cost-savings?
Absolutely. Based on successful benchmarking, certified Sustainably Grown products automatically are recognized around the world by food companies that subscribe to the SAI Platform FSA.  The Sustainably Grown standard is also benchmarked to the Global Social Compliance Programme, recognized by IDH SIFAV, and recognized by food companies under their responsible sourcing programs.

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