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Farm, Harvest Crew, Indoor Agriculture, Packinghouses, Cooler/Cold Storage, and Processors

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PrimusGFS is a GFSI benchmarked standard recognized by buyers throughout the Western Hemisphere. Ever changing food safety demands from industry, regulatory agencies, and consumers require you to demonstrate that your farm, harvest, and/or facility food safety program is implemented, effective and meets globally recognized food safety standards. Primus GFS has an integrated approach that allows certification of both farm and packhouse operations during the same audit, saving time and money. Primus GFS is well recognized in U.S., Canada, Mexico and South America. SCS Global Services is approved by Azzule systems, the PrimusGFS standard owner, to perform certified PrimusGFS audits. Certification to PrimusGFS provides your customers the assurance that is essential to your customers.

Why Choose SCS?

The SCS team of food safety experts, trainers, auditors, and world-class customer service representatives has provided leadership in fresh fruit and vegetable food safety certification for over three decades, including PrimusGFS certification audits. As a leading provider of PrimusGFS certification, we are committed to offering:

  • Quick and upfront cost estimates with zero hidden fees
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  • Flexibility and ease of scheduling
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Does your operation meet the requirements for PrimusGFS certification? Click here for information on the PrimusGFS Certification Scopes as defined by GFSI.

The PrimusGFS General Regulations define the certification process. For more information please review the general regulations guidance here.


A PrimuGFS Pre-assessment is a non-scored mock audit designed to assess the level of your preparedness for a certification audit.  If this is your first time undergoing a GFSI level inspection, a pre-assessment can be a valuable tool in assessing your readiness for a scored audit.   

Audit Scope

The PrimusGFS audit has defined food safety requirements for managing the production, handling, processing and storing of food. PrimusGFS has established acceptable conditions & criteria for these different production stages by defining seven audit modules. The modules are applied based on the type of operation(s) being audited.

All Operations

Module 1: Food Safety Management System (FSMS)

GAP Operations

Module 2: Farm

Module 3: Indoor Agriculture

Module 4: Harvest Crew

GMP Operations

Module 5: Facility (Packinghouse, Cooler/Cold Storage, Storage & Distribution, and Processing)

Module 6: Hazard Analysis Critical Control Points (HACCP)

Module 7: Preventative Control (PC) *optional*


Complementary Services

SCS Global Services offers GFSI-level food safety certification including GLOBALG.A.P., BRCGS and SQF. Additionally, contact us for expert guidance if your company is interested in establishing a comprehensive HACCP-based Food Safety Management Plan, as validation of an existing management plan.

Combine your food safety certifications with certified Organic, Sustainably Grown and Fair Trade certification for operational and cost savings.

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