SCS Global Services - Setting the standard for sustainability.

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Our Team

The SCS team comprises of highly qualified employees around the world,
working rigorously to promote sustainable decision-making and policies
in order to safeguard our environment, support workers and communities,
and raise the standard of living for all.

Executive Members

  • President and CEO
  • Chief Financial Officer
  • Vice President, Food & Agriculture
  • Vice President, Corporate Sales
  • Vice President, Forestry Services
  • Vice President
  • Senior Vice President
  • Managing Director, Environmental Certification Services

Team Directory

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    Adam Daddino

    Program Manager, ASC

    Adam McMeans

    Director of Accounting Services

    Adam Spiegler

    Technical Associate, Seafood

    Alona Rivord

    Public Relations Manager

    Bernadette Goldstein

    Sales and Marketing Manager

    Bonnie Holman

    Program Manager, Sustainability Certifications

    Brandon Nauman

    Associate Managing Director, Non-GMO/Organic

    Brendan Grady

    Director, Forest Management Certification

    Brent Riffel

    Program Manager, Biofuels

    Carlos Ortega

    Sales, Chain of Custody Natural Resources