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Sustainability Report Assurance

Consulting, Training and Report Assurance Services

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Your Sustainability Report plays a key role in conveying your organization’s commitment to triple bottom line value to investors, employees, customers and watchdog groups. Reporting frameworks such as the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) and the Carbon Disclosure Project (CDP), and sustainability indices like the Dow Jones Sustainably Index (DJSI), recommend that sustainability reports undergo independent assurance. Find out how SCS can help you take your sustainability and CSR programs and reporting to the next level.

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As a globally Licensed Provider of the Accountability AA1000AS Standard, SCS is one of only a few trained Certified Sustainability Assurance Practitioners (CSAP) in the US. We verify to more than 80 environmental and sustainably standards across dozens of industries. SCS is a full sustainability services solutions provider with expertise in stakeholder engagement, carbon footprint verification, water stewardship, sustainable resource management, sustainable agriculture, waste reduction and diversion, and much more.

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We provide customized solutions to meet your needs no matter where you are in the process. Our in-house experts can validate specific performance data or assure your entire report. Contact us to discuss how we can help you achieve more material, meaningful and comprehensive sustainability reports.

We Offer:

  • Report Assurance under the AA1000 AccountAbility Assurance Standard – Assurance is determined through an assessment performed by SCS, which covers four principles: inclusivity, materiality, responsiveness and impact.
  • Non-Financial Data Assurance (e.g., under ISAE 3000) – This includes assurance of specific data for Dow Jones, the Carbon Disclosure Project (CDP), and other reporting frameworks.
  • Sustainability Report Consulting – Review the processes for materiality, stakeholder engagement and data collection that underlie the foundation of your sustainability initiatives and reporting.
  • Report Assurance Training – SCS offers training and courses to educated sustainability leaders on the principles of Accountability that underpin the AA1000 Standard. This can help your organization develop more impactful reports and achieve positive assurance results.

Complementary SCS Services

Bundle multiple services and save! SCS offers many compatible corporate verification services such as carbon footprint measurement and verification under a variety of internationally recognized programs, water stewardship certification and consulting for your facility, zero waste consulting and certification, responsible sourcing advisory and verification for your supply chain, and more.

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