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Carbon Neutral Certification

Transparent Reporting and Labeling for Companies, Products, and Services

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Demonstrate market leadership for your products through our carbon neutrality certification label based upon the international recognized standard PAS 2060 or the Carbon Neutral Protocol. SCS offers complete service options to achieve carbon neutrality that include establishing your product carbon footprints and guidance on purchasing verified carbon offsets from credible sources and that align with your company’s mission.

Choose SCS Global Services to calculate or validate your carbon footprint and verify retirement of purchased carbon offsets to achieve carbon neutrality. With over 30 years expertise in footprinting and carbon offset verification, we offer you the needed insight and third-party objectivity to credibly claim carbon neutral.

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Carbon Neutral status can be achieved by any organization, product, brand or event that can demonstrate that there has been no increase in GHG emissions through the purchase of quantified and verified carbon offsets.

Certification Approach

SCS’ role is to confirm that your carbon footprint has been established based on an authorized methodology, that data are robust, and to verify reported emission reductions (PAS 2060) and retired the appropriate number of carbon offsets.

PAS 2060 requires you to provide a publicly available documentation packet that includes a Carbon Footprint Report, Carbon Management Plan, and Qualifying Explanatory Statements (declaration of achievement of neutrality). These documents report your carbon footprint, outline your carbon emissions reduction strategy, and describe the steps you are taking to offset any remaining carbon emissions.

The certification process must be verified annually.

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