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Carbon Neutral Certification

Transparent Reporting and Labeling for Companies, Products, and Services
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Demonstrate market leadership for your products through our carbon neutrality certification label based upon the international recognized standard PAS 2060.  SCS offers complete service options to achieve carbon neutrality that include establishing your product carbon footprints, the most cost effective methods of minimizing your emissions rates linked to your product and purchasing carbon offset credits from credible sources.

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PAS 2060 Carbon Neutrality status can be achieved by any organization, product or brand that can demonstrate that there has been no increase in GHG emissions as a result of its activities.

Certification Criteria

PAS 2060 requires you to provide a publicly available documentation packet that includes a Carbon Footprint Report, Carbon Management Plan, and Qualifying Explanatory Statements (declaration of achievement of neutrality). These documents report your carbon footprint, outline your carbon emissions reduction strategy, and describe the steps you are taking to offset any remaining carbon emissions.

SCS’ role is to confirm that your carbon footprint has been established based on an authorized methodology, that data are robust, and to verify reported emission reductions and retired offset credits.

Determine Your Carbon Footprint

Changing climate poses risks and opportunities for your business. Your carbon emissions reduction strategy should take both of these into account. Establishing your current carbon footprint is essential for identifying carbon emission reduction strategies.

We can help in one of two ways – either by conducting a third-party assessment to calculate your footprint, or by verifying the footprint you have already generated. Either ISO14064-1 or the GHG Corporate Protocol footprinting methodologies should be used. SCS will assess your products and services using PAS 2050 life-cycle assessment. In addition, as a complementary service, SCS is uniquely positioned to help you gain an more comprehensive understanding of your carbon footprint using advanced protocols now being standardized under the American National Standards Institute process (LEO-SCS-002). Either way, all Scope 1 and 2 emissions, plus all Scope 3 emissions that contribute more than 1% of the total footprint, are included.

Establish and Implement Your Carbon Management Plan

Our experts can help you evaluate your risks and opportunities in order to develop a successful Carbon Management Plan. This plan will include:

  • Emission reduction targets
  • A timeframe for implementation
  • A description of the methods by which reductions will be achieved, including purchase of offset credits

To comply with PAS 2060, you must ultimately demonstrate that any remaining carbon emissions are offset by credits obtained through an approved scheme, such as the Verified Carbon Standard (VCS). These credits must be third-party verified, genuinely additional, and retired after no more than one year to a recognized registry.

Carbon Neutrality Reporting

PAS 2060 requires that all information be reported in conformance with BS EN ISO/IEC 17050-1 standards, and that all documentation be available to the public. Let us assist you in gathering and preparing your disclosure to meet the transparency requirements of the standard and satisfy the information needs of your customers.

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