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Bonsucro Certification is a multi-stakeholder led certification program developed for the sugarcane industry to meet purchasing policies of large-scale sugar buyers seeking suppliers who support fair labor and environmental protection in sugar producing communities.

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The Bonsucro Production standard is a metrics-based certification program for sugarcane producers based upon very strict environmental and social requirements to protect cane field and factory workers and local soil, water and air quality. Bonsucro certified sugar accounts for more than 4% of global sugar production and allows for the sale of sustainable sugarcane credits, as well as physical traceability.

The Bonsucro ChoC standard is a traceability system based upon the principles of mass-balance that allows downstream sugar and ethanol buyers to make credible claims linked to the production of sustainably produced sugarcane according to the Bonsucro standards. Downstream buyers must have Bonsucro ChoC certification in order to make claims related to their use of sustainably produced sugar.

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The Bonsucro certification standard is available to any sugarcane producer, sugar and ethanol mill, or any downstream processor of sugar, biofuels and other derivative products such as bioplastics. Integrated mills can target both sugar and biofuel markets, meeting sustainability requirements of both supply chains.

Bonsucro Production Criteria
  • Legal compliance
  • Respect human rights and labor standards
  • Manage input, production and processing efficiencies to enhance sustainability
  • Actively manage biodiversity and ecosystem services
  • Continuously improve key areas of the business
  • Environmental and social impact assessment for greenfield expansion and new sugarcane projects
Bonsucro Chain-of-Custody Criteria
  • Traceability
  • Identification, traceability and verification of sustainability characteristics
  • Control of mass balance system
  • Control of consignments, mixes of consignments, and splitting of consignments from mixtures

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