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Bonsucro Certification

Better Sugarcane Initiative
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Bonsucro Certification satisfies the purchasing policies of large-scale sugar buyers seeking suppliers who support fair labor and environmental protection in sugar producing communities. The Bonsucro standards qualify sugarcane biofuel producers, mills and processors under the sustainability targets set by the European Union's Renewable Energy Directive (RED).

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Program Details

The Bonsucro certification standard is available to any sugarcane producer, sugar and ethanol mill, or any downstream processor of sugar, biofuels and other derivative products such as bioplastics. Integrated mills can target both sugar and biofuel markets, meeting sustainability requirements of both supply chains.

Bonsucro Production Criteria
  • Legal compliance
  • Respect human rights and labor standards
  • Manage input, production and processing efficiencies to enhance sustainability
  • Actively manage biodiversity and ecosystem services
  • Continuously improve key areas of the business
  • Environmental and social impact assessment for greenfield expansion and new sugarcane projects
Bonsucro Chain-of-Custody Criteria
  • Traceability
  • Identification, traceability and verification of sustainability characteristics
  • Control of mass balance system
  • Control of consignments, mixes of consignments, and splitting of consignments from mixtures
Complementary Services

SCS Global Services offers complementary sustainable agriculture and biofuel certification services, which include ISCC certification and RSB certification for sustainable biomass, third-party certification for Fair Trade USA, and GlobalG.A.P..

  1. Apply for Certification

    Fill out an SCS Application form, which provides us with the details of your site and operation. SCS returns a proposal for your approval with suggested scope of work, timeline and quote. To initiate the certification process, return a signed proposal and Work Order.

  2. Optional: Pre-Assessment

    Review your current systems and practices against the requirements of the Bonsucro Standard in order to identify areas that may need further work before undertaking a full audit. Consider undertaking a pre-assessment with SCS.

  3. Register On-line

    SCS registers your company with Bonsucro's on-line management system.

  4. Schedule an Audit

    SCS assigns an auditor and audit dates will be proposed. Once an audit date is confirmed, an audit plan is provided to ensure that your team is prepared.

  5. On-site Audit

    An on-site assessment of your mill operations and cane production is carried out to ensure that your operation complies with the Bonsucro Standard. After the audit is completed, the SCS auditor provides you with an Audit Report that lists any non-conformities. You can discuss these findings and ask questions with the auditor at the closing meeting.

  6. Complete Corrective Actions

    Identified non-conformities must be addressed and evidence of corrective actions provided to SCS within a specific time. In some circumstances it may be necessary for the auditor to return to the site to check that appropriate corrective action has been taken.

  7. Make Certification Decision

    SCS reviews the Audit Report and Corrective Action documentation to make a certification decision.

  8. Receive Certificate

    For those who achieve certification, a final audit report and certificate is issued. A copy of the report is automatically sent to the Better Sugarcane Initiative.

How can my company prepare for certification?

Applicants can self-score their compliance by using the Bonsucro Self-Assessment tool. This Self-Assessment tool is available online in the Bonsucro System and allows you to compare your current operation to the criteria of the Standard.

How much does Bonsucro Certification cost, and how long does the certification process take?

Cost and length of time for the assessment differ depending on the complexity of the assessment. Contact SCS for a custom quote.

Can I use the Bonsucro certification mark on product?

You are allowed to communicate on-product if your company is using sugarcane either as a single product, or as an ingredient of your product, provided that cane is the only sugar ingredient or that it is one of the top three ingredients used.

Can I use the SCS Kingfisher certification mark?

Yes, clients that earn Bonsucro Certification from SCS can use the SCS Kingfisher certification mark, along with the Bonsucro mark, on-product, on your website and in marketing materials. SCS delivers a certificate with the SCS Kingfisher mark, a marketing support packet, Kingfisher logo files, and logo use guidelines. All certified clients receive individual marketing support from the SCS marketing team for communicating their certification to clients.

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