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Gluten intolerance afflicts millions of people. Up to 18% of the population suffers from some level of gluten sensitivity, while 1 out of 100 people have full-blown celiac disease, which compromises the body’s ability to digest gluten and can lead to debilitating symptoms ranging from abdominal pain and bloating to headaches and depression. Gluten-Free certification empowers these individuals to make sound and safe food choices.

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As a certifier, our job is to apply rigorous auditing and testing requirements.  As a solutions partner, our goal is to work hand-in-glove with our customers to ensure that you get the most out of your certification experience.

Certification benefits you by:

  • Providing assurance to consumers that your products meet the strictest gluten-free standard
  • Satisfying your retail and restaurant customers that your products meet the dietary restrictions of their patrons
  • Provide assurance to international clients and stakeholders of CODEX and regulatory conformance

Companies can pursue gluten free certification alone or efficiently combine it with other product certifications to satisfy a broad range of customer specifications and consumer market demand.  Review the Services Menu above to view SCS’s full suite of certification services for the food and agricultural industry.

  1. Complete Application

First, fill out the SCS application form to receive a complimentary quote.

  1. Submit Documentation

Submit required documentation for your products, ingredients, and facilities.

  1. Documentation Review

SCS technical staff reviews your documentation, evaluates risk of ingredients and facilities, and communicates gluten testing requirements.

  1. On-Site Inspection

On-site plant audits are conducted to ensure that gluten-free ingredients and products can be produced in full conformance with the standard, without unintended contamination, and to collect product samples for gluten analysis.

  1. Testing

SCS evaluates adherence to the risk-based sampling and testing plan prescribed, verifying that laboratory testing clearly demonstrates compliance with the GFCO Standard’s strict limit of 10 ppm gluten.

  1. Report

SCS produces a report detailing the outcome of the audit. If any nonconformities are identified, SCS can advise on corrective actions.

  1. Certification

If your product meets the Standard’s criteria, you are issued a certificate of compliance valid for one year, and are permitted to use the “Gluten-Free Certification Organization” seal on product packaging in accordance with the GFCO licensing agreement.

  1. Renewal

Annual evaluation and ongoing testing are required to maintain GFCO certification status.


Who is the Gluten Intolerance Group?
The Gluten Intolerance Group (GIG) is a 501(c)(3) non-profit association funded by private donations, fundraising, sponsorship opportunities and industry programs. It relies on tax-deductible contributions to support its many innovative industry, service, social and awareness programs. GIG has been a highly respected leader in the gluten-free community since it was founded in 1974. In addition to more than 70 local branches across the United States, GIG has increased its presence internationally to over 29 countries. GIG empowers the gluten-free community through consumer support, advocacy and education.

What is GFCO?
The Gluten-Free Certification Organization (GFCO), a program of GIG, is a leader in the verification of quality, integrity and purity of gluten-free products. The Gluten-Free Food Services (GFFS) Certification Program is a proven model of established best practices for food service facilities offering gluten-free options. GIG is committed to ongoing food safety research to assure customers and consumers the highest level of excellence in its gluten-free programs and services.

What is SCS’ role?
SCS is the GIG-accredited third-party certification body that carries out the rigorous audits and assessments required for food and beverage products to be certified under the Gluten-Free Certification label.  SCS is a one-stop certification provider, offering a full suite of globally-recognized food and agricultural services under well-known certification labels such as Sustainably Grown®, Organic, Non-GMO Verified, GlobalGAP, SQF, Fair Trade USA, EFI, and more.  In addition, we provide training and professional consultation services. SCS is ISO-17065 certified by the American National Standards Institute.

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