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SCS Global Services offers an FSC-Recognized training program that includes courses on ISO 19011, and the FSC Forest Management, and Chain of Custody standards.  These courses provide a comprehensive understanding of auditing principles and the FSC standards. Learn more and enroll today.

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SCS FSC-Recognised Trainings include:  

  • ISO 19011 Auditing Skills, Principles, and Protocols 
  • FSC Forest Management Auditor  
  • FSC Chain of Custody Auditor


Who is this training for: 

Individuals who are seeking FSC Lead Auditor qualifications, FSC COC or FM system administrators, or those who want to become more familiar with the standards as a stakeholder, certificate holder, or future certificate holder.  


Why Choose SCS FSC Auditor Training? 

  • Industry Expertise: Benefit from 40+ years of sustainability auditing across 170+ countries. Our trainers are experienced auditors, able to provide real-world examples and experience in their training. 
  • Practical Application: Our instructor-led sessions help trainees acquire real-world skills immediately applicable in your professional journey in the forestry sector.



  • Obtain a certificate: A certificate earned through a SCS FSC training program is often the first step in obtaining your FSC auditor credentials. Attending an approved course is a required element of the FSC auditor qualification process. 
  • Professional Networking: Enrolling in SCS' trainings opens the door to a network of professionals and experts in the forestry field. Connect with like-minded individuals, share experiences, and build valuable connections within the industry.


Don't miss the opportunity to enhance your skills and start to earn your FSC auditor qualification. Enroll now and elevate your professional development with SCS Global Services! Learn more and enroll today.

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Enroll now and confidently take the next step in your professional journey!