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Safe Quality Food (SQF)

GFSI-Level Food Safety Certification

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Provide globally recognized food safety assurance to your customers through SQF certification. Producers, manufacturers, processors, and retailers can all participate this world-class, GFSI benchmarked certification. Demonstrate the rigor of your HACCP-based food safety plan under the SQF Food Safety Code Ed. 8.0, or go one step by meeting the additional quality management system requirements of the Quality Code.

Companies of all sizes, from small and medium-sized operators to international companies, have chosen SCS as their certifier of choice. With over 30 years of HACCP food safety management and auditing experience, SCS Global Services provides expert SQF certification services. Moreover, we offer a wide range of food industry certifications, and can help you earn recognition in multiple categories from safety to sustainability.

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SQF is designed for use by all sectors of the food industry, from primary production, manufacturing, and processing to transport, storage, distribution and retailing. Ed. 8.0 applies to all industry sectors and replaces Code Ed. 7.2.

Certification Criteria

SQF is a HACCP-based standard for control of food quality and food safety. The scope of SQF certification is site- and product-specific. Compliance with the following mandatory system elements is required for certification: management commitment, document control and records, specification and product development, food safety fundamentals and plans, SQF system verification, product identification, trace, withdrawal and recall, food defense, identity preserved foods, and training.

GFSI-level Harmonized GAP audits within Module 7H are available at no additional charge.

Certification Levels

SCS can help you pursue the appropriate level of SQF certification. GFSI recognizes Food Safety Code and Quality Code certificates:

  • Food Safety Fundamentals: Entry level for new and developing businesses covering only GAP/GMP/GDP requirements and basic food safety elements.
  • Food Safety Code: Recognizes suppliers that have implemented a HACCP food safety plan in addition to meeting Level 1 requirements.
  • Comprehensive Food Safety and Quality Code: Recognizes suppliers that have implemented a HACCP food quality plan in addition to Level 1 and Level 2 system elements.

Audits are required every 6-12 months to maintain certification; frequency is based on the audit score rating.


SCS can walk you through a pre-assessment process. Pre-assessment is a non-scored mock audit designed to assess the level of your preparedness for a certification audit. Ask about combining a pre-assessment with your initial audit for greater efficiency.

Complementary Services

In addition to SQF audits, SCS offers a full suite of food safety and food quality testing. Combine SQF Certification with Organic Certification, Certified Sustainably Grown or Fair Trade Certification, for added operational and cost benefits.

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