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Stakeholder Review of SCS Standards & Upcoming Audits

Standards Development

Stakeholder feedback is an important step in developing standards. SCS is committed to providing a transparent forum for receiving and addressing comments in a way that improves the standards we develop

Each standard that is under development by SCS will be posted to this website for review and comments for a minimum of 60 days. Under exceptional circumstances, the review period may be reduced to 30 days. In addition, SCS will seek out experts, clients and other key stakeholders for comment to assure a balance of perspectives. After incorporating feedback and completing an internal review, SCS will make available, upon request, versions of the standard with a summary of our response(s) to stakeholder comments.

Standards Development and Modification - Corporate Procedure 13
Standards Development – Procedural Appeals Process

Comments may be made public but if requested will be kept confidential or anonymous. It is important that you indicate this in your preferences on the comment form.

To comment on a standard, please complete our Stakeholder Review Form.

Clients Undergoing Evaluation

The table below lists clients undergoing evaluation for standards that require a stakeholder review process.

SCS welcomes public participation in the form of in-person or written commentary. When possible, SCS will arrange to meet with interested parties; ideally, all comments should be submitted before the evaluation commences. All submissions should be supported with objective evidence, whenever possible.

Client Name Location Public Notification Letter Review Period Sort ascending Contact
UD Jaya Bersama


Public Notice 03/08/2021 - 03/10/2021 Controlled Wood Stakeholder
CV Pusat Air


Public Notice 03/04/2021 - 03/06/2021 Controlled Wood Stakeholder
CV Kalaru


Public Notice 03/01/2021 - 03/03/2021 Controlled Wood Stakeholder
Jago Furniture


Public Notice 02/15/2021 - 03/15/2021 Controlled Wood Stakeholder
FSC Chain of Custody - Controlled Wood
Client Name Location Public Notification Letter Review Period Sort ascending Contact
Van Orman Guitars, LLC

Elma, WA
United States

Public Notice 02/23/2021 - 04/06/2021 Controlled Wood Stakeholder
Kalesnikoff Lumber Company Ltd

Castlegar BC

Public Notice 02/22/2021 - 04/02/2021 Controlled Wood Stakeholder
US Biomass LLC

United States

Public Notice Controlled Wood Stakeholder
Sustainable Biomass Program (SBP)
Client Name Location Public Notification Letter Review Period Sort ascending Contact
Plantation Energy Australia Pty Ltd


Public Notice 06/24/2020 - 06/23/2021 Controlled Wood Stakeholder