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Get global recognition for your exceptional farming practices with Regenerative Organic Certified™ (ROC™), a new high-bar standard for organic foods, textiles and personal care ingredients. This groundbreaking new certification is built on the foundation of internationally recognized organic programs such as USDA Organic, adding demonstrated performance under three pillars: soil health and land management, farmer and worker fairness, and animal welfare.

ROC is administered by the non-profit organization, Regenerative Organic Alliance, whose allies and founding members include Dr. Bronner’s, Patagonia, Rodale Institute and other notable leaders in organic and sustainable agriculture. The Alliance is made up of experts in farming, ranching, soil health, animal welfare, and fair trade who are committed to driving continuous improvement in organic farming.

Why Choose SCS?

With four decades of experience in social compliance and environmental audits for the organic and sustainable food and agriculture sectors, SCS is the ideal partner to conduct your ROC audit. Our network of experienced auditors is committed to quality and service, prioritizing customer service and thoroughness. SCS was among the first certifiers to be accredited under the USDA National Organic Program (NOP), and works successfully with growers and handlers around the globe to certify their products as Organic and promote their responsible agricultural practices.

Complementary Services

SCS is uniquely positioned to offer USDA Organic, Fair Trade USA, Sustainably Grown®, Equitable Food Initiative, Food Safety and other food and agriculture certifications that you depend on to differentiate your products in the market. Bundle your certifications and earn recognition for multiple achievements cost-effectively.

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  • Become a preferred supplier – leading retailers such as Whole Foods are committed to regenerative agriculture and support farms and products that are Regenerative Organic Certified
  • Gain a competitive edge – show your business customers and consumers that your farms and products go well beyond the requirements of USDA Organic
  • Reap the benefits of ethical leadership – conformance with strong ethical and social practices supports the economic well-being, health and satisfaction of farmers, farmworkers and communities
  • Keep your farm strong – Environmental stewardship practices lead to improved soil health, protection of critical water resources, increased carbon sequestration, and healthy ecosystems

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