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Stakeholder Review of SCS Standards

Stakeholder feedback is an important step in developing standards. SCS is committed to providing a transparent forum for receiving and addressing comments in a way that improves the standards we write.

Each standard under development by SCS will be posted to this website for review and comment for a minimum of 60 days. (Under exceptional circumstances, the review period may be reduced to 30 days). In addition, SCS will seek out experts, clients and other key stakeholders for comment to assure a balancing of perspectives. After incorporating feedback and completing an internal review, SCS will make available, upon request, versions of the standard with a summary of our response(s) to stakeholder comments.

Comments may be made public. If you would prefer that your comments be kept confidential or anonymous, it is important that you indicate this in your preferences below.

Please note, the following review is intended to capture comments regarding the content of the standard. If you would like to make a comment or complaint in regards to the standard development process, please complete our Comments and Complaints Form.

Standards Under Review

SCS Salvaged Wood & Fiber Standard

The SCS Salvaged Wood & Fiber Program was designed to meet the needs of the marketplace in defining the responsible recovery of un-utilized wood and other cellulosic biomaterial resources. This Standard intends to consider the recognition, evaluation, and verification of sound practices pertaining to the recovery, salvaging, and reuse of such resources.

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SCS SCS LegalHarvest Verification Forest Assessment Adapted Standard: Guyana

SCS LHV standards verify the legal right to harvest, process and transport wood. In addition to reducing risk, verified companies earn a statement confirming that their wood products were legally sourced. Due to the lack of an existing regional standard, SCS is in the process of adapting its Generic SCS LegalHarvest Verification Standard for the Assessment of Forests for use in Guyana. SCS welcomes comments on the draft SCS Standard as part of the process of adapting the standard for application in Guyana. SCS is interested in all comments which might help guide the production of an applicable and practical standard that takes into account local and national environmental, social, and economic laws and legal requirements on forest management in Guyana.

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