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Executive Management


Stanley P. Rhodes, Ph.D.
President and CEO

Stan Rhodes is the company founder and President. A Ph.D. chemist, he has provided the strategic vision and scientific insight driving SCS Global Services to become one of the world's leading providers of third party certification and assessment services in the environmental and sustainability fields.

Before launching SCS, Dr. Rhodes worked as an analytical and advanced research chemist, first for Eastman Kodak Co., and later at Delta Labs in Rochester, New York. Following his passion for safe, healthy foods, he started and ran several businesses focused on food production, distribution and retailing, and began conducting laboratory analysis to verify claims on food products. This was the genesis of his ultimate decision to form SCS.

Since founding the company, Dr. Rhodes has spearheaded the development of each of SCS's major certification and assessment programs, and has been a hands-on manager of strategic company projects and initiatives. Starting with pesticide residue analysis and certification of residue free foods, he introduced HACCP food safety principles and practices to his clients, launched nutrition and flavor analysis and management initiatives, and began putting together the components of what would become a full-blown sustainable agriculture business. He then turned his attention to the burgeoning area of environmental claims, launching three major initiatives over the next several years: Environmental Claims Evaluation and Certification, the Forest and Marine Conservation Programs, and Life Cycle Assessment services, including Environmentally Preferable Product and Power certifications.

Dr. Rhodes has been a central figure in the international effort to advance the science of life-cycle assessment and put an end to greenwashing. He was a U.S. expert delegate to the ISO 14000 standards setting process, serving on the Subcommittees on Life-Cycle Assessment, Environmental Labeling. He introduced the concept of Type III environmental labeling to the ISO community, based on SCS's LCA-based environmental declaration labeling system. He is also a lead technical editor of the new national LCA standard being developed through the American National Standards Institute process, LEO-SCS-002, aimed at improving the accuracy and environmental relevance of LCA studies and LCA-based public declarations, claims and comparisons.

Dr. Rhodes is a featured speaker at scientific and business workshops, seminars and conventions, and provides executive training sessions on LCA and other topics. He is also the author of numerous patents and articles.

Ph.D., Organic Chemistry; Purdue University, West Lafayette, IN

B.S., Chemistry; University of California, Berkeley, CA

Robert J. Hrubes, Ph.D.
Executive Vice President

Robert Hrubes has served as Executive Vice President for over a decade. In addition to his executive leadership responsibilities, Dr. Hrubes has principal responsibility for leading the company's natural resource management and chain-of-custody programs.

Dr. Hrubes is a registered professional forester and resource economist with over 35 years of professional experience in both the private and public sectors, and is an internationally recognized expert in natural resources management and environmental certification. Prior to joining SCS, he worked for the USDA Forest Service, then became managing principal of Natural Resource Associates, a Northern California-based forestry and resource economics consulting firm. Here he specialized in wildland management planning, sustainable forestry analysis, resource economics analysis, operations research analysis and forest management.

SCS first engaged Dr. Hrubes' consulting services in 1991 to guide the design and implement its ground-breaking forest certification program. In addition to being principal architect of the SCS Forest Conservation Program, he participated as a founding member in the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC), helping to design that certification program. He served for four years on the FSC Board of Directors and was the founding chair of the Board of Directors of the Forest Stewards Guild, a U.S.-based professional forestry society. Maintaining his role as a hands-on certification practitioner, he has served as team leader on evaluations of forest management operations worldwide, and has served as auditor on numerous chain-of-custody certification evaluations. He also served on the Working Group of the Climate Action Reserve Forest Project Protocol.

Dr. Hrubes travels widely, speaking about such topics as forestry, carbon offsets and environmental labelling, and has written numerous peer reviewed articles and papers.

  • Ph.D., Wildland Resource Sciences; University of California, Berkeley, CA
  • M.A., Economics; University of California, Berkeley, CA
  • M.S., Resource Systems Management; University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, MI
  • B.S., Forest Management and Outdoor Recreation Management; Iowa State University, Ames, IA
Linda G. Brown
Senior Vice President

Linda Brown is the company co-founder and Senior Vice President. Ms. Brown has actively participated in the development and implementation of the company's strategic initiatives and certification programs, serving in multitude capacities from program manager to communications chief.

Before joining SCS, Ms. Brown worked as a grants writer for municipalities across the United States, and a publications editor. Active in social justice and environmental issues, she obtained her Master's degree in Journalism. Shortly afterward, she met and joined Dr. Rhodes in launching the business.

Brown has held many positions in the company, including Director of SCS' Environmental Claims Certification Program, Director of Sustainable Agriculture, and Director of Communications. She has spearheaded or participated in numerous food quality, environmental and sustainability standards development activities on a company, national and international basis. She participated in the international ISO 14000 standards setting process, focused on Environmental Labeling, Life-Cycle Assessment and Environmental Aspects in Product Standards. She currently is involved with national efforts to write sustainable agriculture standards (LEO-4000) and update life cycle assessment metrics (LEO-SCS-002).

Ms. Brown has authored numerous articles on environmental certification, life-cycle assessment and food safety issues, and has presented details of SCS programs and methods to diverse audiences around the globe.

  • M.A., Journalism; Stanford University, Stanford, CA
  • B.A., English and Political Science; Emory University, Atlanta, GA
Scott Romito
Chief Financial Officer

A C.P.A. and attorney, Romito has led the finance and accounting function at SCS since 2010. Prior to joining SCS, Scott was CFO and General Counsel for a Southern California-based startup. He spent five years with "Big Four" public accounting firms as an auditor and tax consultant, and sits on the Board of Directors of a technology and certification company he helped develop.

  • J.D., UC Davis School of Law, Davis, CA
  • B.A., Economics; UCLA, Los Angeles, CA

Company Directors and Managers

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Stowe Beam Senior Director, Corporate Development 510.452.8009
Jessica Caputo Client Services Manager, Food Safety 510.452.8021
Tom Connelly Art Director 510.452.8056
Sabine Daume, Ph.D. Regional Director, Sustainable Seafood, Australia 61 (0) 497943304
Josh Edge Food Safety 510-452-9083
Julian Eldridge Operations Manager 510.452.6380
Vanessa Ellis Technical Manager 510.452.6381
Jaime de Monasterio Regional Director, SCS Argentina SA +54 911.5035.6094
Bernadette Goldstein Sales & Marketing Manager, Food & Agriculture 510.452.6825
Brendan Grady Director, Forest Management Certification 510.452.8034
Sarah Harris Director, Chain of Custody 510.452.8012
Keith Killpack Manager, Life Cycle Assessment 510.452.8047
Diana Kirsanova Phillips Director, Quality Assurance 510.452.9089
Aaron Maizlish Director, Business Services, NR 510.452.8005
Stanley Mathuram Managing Director, ECS 510-421-7661
Neil Mendenhall Manager, Supply Chain Services 510.452.8018
Siân Morgan Regional Director, Sustainable Seafood, Americas 510.452.6392
Nicole Munoz Quality Manager, ECS 510.452.8031
Brandon Nauman Manager, Organic & Non-GMO Programs 510.452.8052
Heena Patel Technical Director, Supply Chain Food Safety Audit Services 510.452.8024
Jordan Pfeifer Manager, Business Systems Integration 510.452.6390
Christie Pollet-Young Director, Greenhouse Gas Verification 510.452.9093
Tobias Schultz Manager, Profiling Services 510.452.6389
Nathan Smith Managing Director, Food & Agriculture Division 510.452.8033
Blake Troxel Manager, Greenhouse Gas Verification 510.452.9091
Jennifer Watters Client Services Manager, Sustainability 510.452.8054
Libby Wood Client Services Manager, ECS 510.452.8032