SCS Global Services - Setting the standard for sustainability.

Sustainability Services

We're working with forward-thinking companies, agencies, and institutions around the globe to support corporate social responsibility (CSR) and environmental initiatives and help identify pragmatic sustainability solutions. From sustainability branding to life cycle assessment, from supply chain scorecards to vendor management databases, we deliver the sustainability tools and metrics you need.

  • Strategic Management Planning

    Engage management, staff, and suppliers in actions tailored to support your company's specific sustainability objectives and those of your clients.

  • Sourcing and Supply Chain Management

    Responsible sourcing based on environmental and ethical principles helps you manage supply chain risks, reinforce long-term relationships, and build brand trust.

  • Sustainability Metrics and Benchmarking

    Establish your benchmark and set your business up for success by using scientific metrics that accurately cover all relevant environmental and social issues, and help you avoid unintended consequences.

  • SCS Sustainable Brands

    Demonstrate that your company and products are engaged in leading-edge responsible sourcing and sustainability practices through independent, third-party certification.