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Strategic Management Planning

Benchmarking and Assessing Best Practices

Today, sustainability is on everyone’s agenda. It is easy to “talk the talk,” but what is the best way for your company to translate the concept of sustainability into a successful business strategy? What specific actions should your company team and supply chain take to support your business objectives and those of your customers, while providing measurable environment protections and social benefits?

SCS Global Services has been providing sustainability services for nearly three decades, long before it became fashionable. Working with forward-thinking companies, agencies, and institutions around the globe, we have supported corporate social responsibility (CSR) and environmental initiatives, tackling complex challenges to identify pragmatic sustainability solutions. From sustainability branding to life cycle assessment, from supply chain scorecards to vendor management databases, we can deliver the sustainability tools and metrics you need.


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Corporate Sustainability Consulting

The Business Case

Sustainability is now increasingly viewed not only as business necessity, but also as a business opportunity. Sustainability and Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) initiatives, including energy and water efficiency gains, pollution prevention, end-of-life recycling programs, and labor management reforms, have led to substantial documented reductions in costs and improvements in operations.

Industry leaders are now looking for strategies to broaden and deepen their sustainability gains, including positive environmental outcomes, greater operating efficiencies, faster return on investments (ROI), greater employee satisfaction, and increased customer loyalty.

Our Services

Our experienced team provides a practical mix of services to help you advance your goals, including:

  • Sustainability Branding Assessment and Consultation
  • Life Cycle Assessment
  • Stakeholder Engagement
  • Supply Chain Scorecard Development and Assessment
  • Vendor Management Database Development and Management
  • Supply Chain Audit Training, Oversight, and Coordination

In addition, SCS provides a full suite of independent, third-party certifications, such as BIFMA level, NSF-140, Sustainable Grown, Fair Trade USA, FSC and FSC Chain of Custody, MSC Sustainable Fisheries and MSC Chain of Custody, and Certified Responsible Source Precious Metals and Textiles. Ask us for details about the services or certifications that best fit your circumstances.

Understanding Your Specific Needs

The responsibility for identifying sustainability opportunities that can benefit a company’s reputation and bottom line falls on many shoulders. We are experienced working with small and large companies, and with owners and managers at all levels of the operation, such as:

  • Environmental Health and Safety (EHS) Directors
  • Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Officers
  • Sustainability Managers
  • Climate Change Officers
  • Facility Managers
  • Product Designers
  • Human Resources
  • Buyers

Sustainability Branding

Whether you have already developed a sustainability brand, or are contemplating doing so, your priority is to ensure that the brand lives up to its promise, and does not run into stakeholder or regulatory roadblocks. Sustainability brands should be clearly labeled and messaged, and supported with scientifically-credible metrics and conformity assessment.

SCS Global Services works behind the scenes with retailers, manufacturers, and certification standard holders to make sure that your brands are affiliated with measurable, defensible environmental and social measures and outcomes. Examples include:

In addition, our marketing and communications team will help you deliver your sustainability message in a way that is both compelling and technically sound, in order to effectively engage your customers and stakeholders.

Supply Chain Management

The sustainability of the products you sell is dependent in large part on the environmental and social performance of your supply chain. Sustainable supply chain management helps you manage supply chain risks and build long-term supplier relationships.

SCS can support your responsible sourcing efforts by helping you:

  • assess your current supply chain risks
  • prepare scorecards, supplier databases, and other evaluation tools
  • establish cost-effective protocols for assessing conformity

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