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Kingfisher in Southern California

REGIONAL SPOTLIGHT: Southern California

Southern California, renowned for beautiful beaches, mountain ranges, parks, and practically year-round warm weather is home to almost 20 million people across six counties. At the same time, the region’s burgeoning population is confronted with a wide array of environmental issues and sustainability challenges including water shortages, greenhouse gas emissions and habitat loss.

SCS Global Services works with clients in the Southern California region through our many certification programs to address pressing regional and global issues. For instance:

  • Food, cut flower, and plant growers recognized under our Veriflora® and Sustainably Grown certification programs are demonstrating extraordinary achievement in environmental stewardship and social responsibility
  • Printers and manufacturers are certified under the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) Chain of Custody program are helping to build a marketplace for responsibly managed wood and paper products.
  • Building products and furniture manufacturers certified under our various indoor air quality programs are contributing to healthy buildings.
  • Carbon Offset Projects are being certified to generate carbon credits to support climate change mitigation strategies.
  • Manufacturers certified for their recycled content are helping to reduce the industrial waste stream.