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SCS Pilot Verification for SAC Higg Index –Environmental Facility Module
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The Higg Index Facility Environmental Module is a self-assessment tool designed to assess the environmental impacts of apparel and footwear products.

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Program Details

This Higg Index Facility Environmental Module on-site/off-site verification protocol was developed to organize and harmonize the verification of the Higg Index self-assessment questionnaire. The objectives of the Higg index verification are to:

  • Verify the Higg score communicated by the suppliers
  • Help factories identify strengths and weaknesses
  • Help factories benchmark their performance against other factories in the same industry
  • Help factories implement a continuous improvement plan
  • Help Brands and Retailers make business decisions based on the Higg Index
Service Offerings
  • Higg Index – Facility Environmental Module Verification
  • Higg Index Training
  • On-going Facility Support for Performance Improvement Plans


Verification Criteria

 The Higg Index covers the following environmental criteria:

  • Environmental Management System/Program
  • Energy Use and Greenhouse Gas Emissions
  • Water Use
  • Air
  • Waste Management
  • Chemicals Management

Clients can anticipate an approximate 12-week turn-around time to complete the verification process once the project is initiated.

  1. Determine the type of verification pathway, off-site or on-site.
  2. Prepare Data and Documentation

    Submit the completed Facility Environmental Module Higg Index Self-Assessment for each facility within the scope. Submit all supporting documentation for the credits achieved.

  3. On-Site Verification /Off-Site Verification

    If an on-site audit is selected, SCS will provide a 2-week window for the scheduled semi-announced on-site verification.

  4. Performance Plan

    Following the completion of the on-site or off-site verification the verifier and the facility will develop a performance plan.

  5. Final Reporting and Higg Score

    The Verifier will finalize the report and Higg Score and submit to the SAC. The Facility may post the final verified report to

  6. Renewal Verification

    Verifications are valid for one year and require annual reassessments.


By completing and verifying the Higg Index, Manufacturers, Brands, Retailers can:

  1. Understand and quantify sustainability impacts of apparel and footwear products
  2. Dramatically reduce redundancy in measuring sustainability in the apparel and footwear industries
  3. Drive business value through reducing risk and uncovering efficiency
  4. Create a common means to communicate environmental sustainability to stakeholders

For immediate service:

Nicole Munoz, Managing Director phone icon 510.452.8031 Email Nicole