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Responsible Sourcing

Advisory and Verification Services for a Sustainable Supply Chain
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Fostering supply chain sustainability helps companies manage risk, satisfy customer demand, create resilience, and deliver efficiencies that can save money. Global supply networks provide greater flexibility than ever before, but result in greater variability, too, in terms of environmental and social impacts. As a result, each link in your supply chain potentially represents an opportunity for improved sustainability performance, reinforcing your brand reputation and value.

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Basic Process

The process can vary depending on industry, product type, and company goals, but usually begins with SCS conducting a Needs Assessment to determine the level of engagement. This iterative process takes an in-depth look at current sourcing practices in order to define appropriate goals and steps forward. The final outcome is a comprehensive proposal with deliverables designed to meet the stated responsible sourcing objectives.

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Service Offerings

We can support your efforts to build a sustainable supply chain in several ways:

  • Benchmarking with existing schemes and standards
  • Code of conduct development and review
  • Education and training of staff and suppliers
  • Hot spot analysis to target priorities for your supply chain
  • Life cycle assessment to evaluate impacts
  • Piloting supplier audits/assessments
  • Benchmarking with existing schemes and standards
  • Piloting supplier audits/assessments
  • Responsible sourcing policy
  • Risk-based ranking systems
  • Supplier performance verification
  • Supplier questionnaires
  • Sustainable sourcing criteria and metrics development
Areas of Expertise

SCS has analyzed production methods and conducted supply chain and chain-of-custody verification systems for a diverse array of raw material and consumer product sectors across the economy. Examples include:

  • Agriculture: Food and Beverage, Biofuels, Bio-based Products, Horticultural Products
  • Climate: Carbon Footprints, Carbon Offset Projects, GHG Management
  • Electronics: Components
  • Health and Wellness Products: Botanicals, Supplements, Cosmetics
  • Forestry: Wood Products, Pulp and Paper Products, Packaging
  • Green Building: Building and Construction Materials, Furniture, Adhesives and Coatings
  • Industrial: Chemical inputs
  • Life Cycle Assessment: Environmental Product Declarations, Comparative LCA
  • Mining: Conflict Minerals, Precious Metals and Gems
  • Seafood: Fisheries and Aquaculture
  • Textiles: Apparel, Upholstery, Geotextiles
  • Water: Water Footprint
SCS Expertise
  • Developing and supporting customized responsible sourcing programs (For example, see Starbucks Ethical Sourcing)
  • Works with you from start to finish, from consultation to implementation
  • Global network of auditors
  • Can work directly with all of your suppliers to clearly communicate your goals, and gather and validate evidence of conformance
  • Goes beyond Tier One suppliers
  • Works with single commodity supply chains and multiple products/inputs
  • Works with software solutions provider to ensure proper data collection and reporting mechanisms are in place
  • Collects the stories and data for marketing, CSR reports, or other stakeholder reporting needs
Program Documents

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Bernadette Goldstein, Sales and Marketing Manager phone icon 510.452.6825 Email Bernadette
Tobias Schultz, Director, Research and Development phone icon 510.452.6389 Email Tobias