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Responsible Minerals Initiative

Responsible Minerals Assurance Process

Responsible Sourcing for Smelters and Refiners
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SCS is recognized by the Responsible Minerals Initiative (RMI) as an approved auditing firm for the Responsible Minerals Assurance Process (RMAP). Verification to the RMAP provides assurance to companies that the smelters and refiners within their supply chain employ responsible sourcing practices and management systems. RMAP requires a third-party audit against the RMAP Protocols which are currently the highest level of due diligence (in accordance to the OECD*) for determining that refiners and smelters are not sourcing conflict minerals for their production of tantalum, tin, tungsten and gold (3TG).
*Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) Due Diligence Guidance for Responsible Supply Chains of Minerals from Conflict-Affected and High-Risk Areas.

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  1. Consultation with SCS (Optional)
    • Client consults with SCS on the process, scope, or other questions about verification.
  2. Sign Auditee Agreement with RMI
    • RMI facilitates the assignment of an auditing firm.
    • Client contacts RMI and signs an Auditee Agreement to initiate project.
  3. Scoping
    • Client completes RMI’s Pre-Audit Checklist to determine the scope of the audit.
    • The checklist covers:
      • Facilities and products covered
      • Metals/Minerals covered
      • Sourcing locations
      • Volume of transactions
      • Audit location(s)
      • Contact person
      • Other information necessary to determine the audit scope
  4. Request for Quote
    • SCS reviews Pre-Audit Checklist from RMI.
    • SCS submits a quote for conducting the audit.
  5. Audit Firm Confirmation
    • RMI will work with the client to select the best audit firm to meet the needs of all stakeholders.
    • Client may specifically request SCS to be the auditor.
  6. Data Collection
    • SCS provides an overview of project milestones.
    • Client completes Line Item Transaction Summary, which summarizes client purchases made over the last 12 months.
    • SCS reviews Summary and prepares an onsite audit plan.
    • SCS schedules onsite audit directly with the client.
  7. Onsite Audit
    • SCS audits all facilities identified in the scope.
    • Onsite audits take 1-3 days per facility depending on complexity.
  8. Reporting
    • Auditor reviews data and findings from the audit and writes a report for the client’s approval.
  9. Corrective Actions
    • Client develops corrective action plans for all identified non-conformities.
    • SCS reviews corrective action plans, requesting additional data or requiring another onsite audit as needed.
  10. Verification
    • SCS submits an audit report to RMI, who will then review the report and determine verification status of the client.
    • Upon successful verification, the client gets listed publicly on RMI’s website as a verified smelter or refiner.
    • Verification takes about one month from onsite audit to final decision.
  11. Verification Maintenance
    • Annual renewal is required, which includes data collection and an onsite audit.
    • If a facility is under the low risk program, onsite audits may only be required every three years. Contact SCS for more information on how to qualify.
  • Maintain and grow your market share by demonstrating compliance to US and EU regulations with one audit
  • Bundle services and make additional claims in regard to recycled content or responsible jewelry
Program Documents

Visit the Responsible Minerals Initiative for the following:

  • Protocols (Standards) for 3TG Smelters and Refiners
  • Additional Guidance and Training

For immediate service:

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