Life Cycle Assessment

Measuring All Environmental Impacts Throughout a Product's Life Cycle

What is Life Cycle Assessment?

Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) is a systematic study of the environmental impacts over all of the lifecycle stages of a product. SCS Global Services has over 30 years of experience working in LCA at the highest level. Our experienced team has a diverse technical background that utilizes the latest software and databases in our work to ensure that the LCAs are complete, accurate, and cost-effective. By leading the field in LCA, we put critical information into the hands of our clients, so that companies and manufacturers can make better decisions, improve bottom line performance, refine supply chains and material selection and work to reduce environmental impacts across the product lifecycle. All SCS LCA studies are compliant with ISO 14040/14044. SCS LCA services include: studies of individual materials, decision making tools for manufacturing, comparative analysis with peer review, LCA for EPDs, LCA Critical Review, Higg MSI data set development and submission for textiles, and prospective LCAs for new products or new facilities.

Why Choose SCS?

SCS LCA services help companies meet the transparency needs of their customers and stakeholders. By leading the field in LCA, we put critical information in your hands so that you can make better decisions and improve your bottom line performance. Our expert team has experience with all major LCIA methodologies and software. SCS is highly regarded by a number of NGOs and global organizations such as the UN for our LCA expertise. We have completed LCA studies in most major industries including textiles, food and agriculture, forestry products and paper, metals, building materials, furniture, biofuels, glass, appliances, plastics and many more.

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Trained in the use of the openLCA software, our staff is also able to share LCA models with your LCA experts

“SCS’ expertise in Life Cycle Assessments makes the process and results seamless, timely, and accurate.”
Norman K. Nance | VP Marketing, A/D, Environmental Initiatives

“As chair of a 4-person panel, I helped to review SCS’s LCA of Reincarnation 100 paper. Based on a thorough examination, we were confident that this LCA was one of the most comprehensive, exacting, transparent and understandable reports on paper production ever to be published. We were very impressed with SCS’s thoroughness and the quality of the resulting LCA study.” 
Susan Kinsella | Conservatree

“We chose SCS to complete our LCA because of the rigorous, holistic nature of the standardized methodology they apply, and their reputation for thoroughness and quality. The LCA study they completed presents a comprehensive and fair analysis that sets a new baseline for future LCAs. We are very pleased with the result.”
Jeff Mendelsohn | Founder and Chair of New Leaf Papers

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