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LCA Services

With the adoption of LEEDv4, product transparency is truly becoming a market driver. Assessing and reporting the life cycle impacts of products is increasingly viewed as a baseline requirement to compete in the high-profile building and construction market. Companies are now pursuing a variety of reporting and labeling options to differentiate their products, call out their accomplishments, and increase their competitiveness.

SCS can serve as a trusted partner for all your product transparency and environmental improvement needs, based on decades of expertise conducting Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) studies, developing national and international LCA and labeling standards, and providing reputable third party certification.

  • LEED v4 Environmental Product Declaration

    Understand, evaluate, and clearly communicate the environmental performance of your products and services.  Take advantage of our basic LEEDv4-compliant EPDs, or choose our EPD services based on Advanced LCA for more comprehensive, accurate and reliable results that support product comparisons and more fully inform decision-making.

  • Life Cycle Assessment (LCA)

    Deeply understand and manage your supply chain, optimize product design and operational efficiencies, satisfy customer requests for environmental knowledge, and differentiate your products with our scientifically rigorous, state-of-the-art LCA.

  • GHG-Management

    Measuring and managing your organization’s GHG emissions is the first step towards effective climate action. Our customized approach ensures you design a climate action plan which supports your needs without unnecessary add-ons, whether you want to report to CDP, achieve corporate carbon neutrality goals, or simply keep pace with your competitor’s efforts.

  • Product Category Rules

    Build greater environmental transparency into your product sector and earn the respect of your stakeholders and customers by establishing carefully crafted Product Category Rules (PCRs).

  • SCS Environmentally Preferable Product

    Earn market distinction by demonstrating environmental superiority in your product category. This comprehensive environmental certification turns your life cycle assessment results into a powerful market claim. EPP certification is reserved for products that perform as well or better than other products serving the same function in every environmental impact category, across every stage of the product life cycle, with no environmental trade-offs.