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FSC® Forest Management

Certification for Responsible Forest Management

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Forest Stewardship Council® (FSC) forest management certification strengthens your position in the marketplace - guaranteeing your customers that products from your forestry operations meet the world's most stringent environmental, economic, and social standards for responsible forest management.


An accredited certification body since the inception of FSC, SCS Global Services brings more than 25 years of experience to the certification of forest management operations. Our FSC responsible forestry certifications span five continents and more than 30 million acres, worldwide. This track record of success reflects the professionalism of our assessment teams, fast and reliable service, effective stakeholder engagement, and a deep commitment to FSC's mission and objectives.

SCS also offers Controlled Wood Certification for forest management operations not ready for full FSC certification.

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SCS offers FSC certification to all types and sizes of forest operations including private companies, government forestry agencies, timberland investment management organizations, and community forests, as well as individual and groups of small landowners.

  • Forest Management for single-site or multi-site: A forest management entity with one or several sites operating under a single forest management plan.

  • Small and Low Intensity Managed Forests (SLIMF): Streamlined certification protocols for small operators or groups of operators with low harvest levels or under a regionally-specified size limit.

  • Group Certification: Certification protocols for multiple landowners or forest managers seeking certification under one certificate, under the direction of a group manager.

  • Non-Timber Forest Products (NTFP): Certification protocols for operations that harvest non-timber forest products, such as ornamentals and consumables.

  • Controlled Wood Certification: Allows forest management enterprises to demonstrate that their wood does not come from unacceptable sources. Ideal for organizations that are new to certification.

Information is available on the FSC website about our certified clients and entities currently undergoing evaluation.

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