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Climate Change Services

Climate change is among the most challenging issues of our time. Innovative companies are demonstrating leadership by addressing climate change as an integral part of their business strategies, and are realizing increasing market benefits in the process. Tackling global and regional climate change is a collaborative effort, involving new ideas, new technologies, and new carbon markets.

SCS has been at the forefront of this emerging field, providing third-party verification and validation services to support your carbon footprinting, carbon offset, carbon neutral, and specialized climate needs.

  • Carbon Offset Verification

    Generate carbon credits for your carbon offset projects that are credible, transparent, and tradable in global carbon markets. SCS Global Services provides carbon offset verification for projects targeting forests, land-use, landfills, livestock, elimination of ozone depleting substances, and more.

  • Corporate Carbon Footprint

    Benefit from emission trading and product labeling schemes by measuring and publishing your carbon footprint data. SCS Global Services can assess or verify the greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions produced by your organization, your supply chain, and across your full product life cycle.

  • Carbon Neutral

    Achieve PAS 2060 Carbon Neutral certification by validating your carbon footprint data, GHG reduction measures, and carbon offset program.

  • Product Carbon Footprint

    Establish your carbon footprint for products or services professionally and cost-effectively with SCS Global Services. We specialize in helping you understand your life cycle GHG impacts, identify hot spots in your supply chain, determine continuous improvement strategies, and satisfy customer and stakeholder expectations.