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Retailer Ecolabel Validation


Retailers are among the most trusted sources of environmental information about products. Many retailers are now choosing to develop their own in-house eco brands; other retailers are seeking to verify vendor claims. While these strategies provide an important opportunity to reach environmentally conscientious shoppers, retailers should ensure that featured environmental claims are backed by scientific facts in order to stand up to public scrutiny.

Drawing from nearly three decades working with retailers, we'll help you develop and administer a credible eco brand program that delivers what your consumers need through program rule establishment, staff and vendor training, data collection, data management and claims validation. Find out how we can help you customize your program.


Program Validation Examples


  • Home Depot Eco OptionsThe Home Depot - Eco Options

    SCS validates that products that meet environmental criteria in one of five categories: clean air, water conservation, energy efficiency, healthy home and responsible forest management.

  • Safeway Bright GreenSafeway - Bright Green

    SCS confirms that non-food products, such as paper products and detergents, meet Safeway's environmental standards.


  • Starbucks LogoStarbucks - C.A.F.E. Practices
    SCS trains and oversees third-party verification organizations operating in coffee and cocoa growing regions worldwide, to ensure that product suppliers meet Starbucks' social and environmental specifications.