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New Sustainable Diamond Certification Standard Provides Scientific Proof Of Diamond Origin And Builds Consumer Trust

Original Publication: Forbes
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Wouldn’t it be great if the process of buying conflict-free, environmentally sustainable and ethically produced diamonds, or diamond jewelry, was as clear as an internally flawless diamond?

That clarity is here and now, in the transparent form of a new, scientifically rigorous, multi-layered certified sustainability-rated diamond standard, called SCS-007Offering independently verified proof of a diamond’s origin and journey through the chain of custody using evidence-based information, SCS-007 significantly upgrades diamond shopping by giving dealers, designers, retailers and customers independently verified facts about the environmental, industrial and social history of the diamonds they are considering. In other words, it is now officially harder for bad actors to sell or market conflict diamonds, high-impact, environmentally damaging diamonds, or stones that were mined or processed by people who suffered human rights abuses.

Developed by Emeryville, CA.-based SCS Global Services in collaboration with a consortium of scientists and jewelry companies, SCS-007 represents a scientific and ethical breakthrough for the diamond and jewelry industry. Embodying multilayered and evidence-based proofs of a diamond’s origin and saga as it journeys from the mine or lab all the way to the jewelry store, the SCS-007 sustainability-rated standard enables everyone from eco-conscious Gen Z shoppers to Baby Boomers to buy diamonds or diamond jewelry with greater confidence, and perhaps even pride. As Stanley Mathuram, Executive Vice-President of SCS Global Services explains, “Our standard utilizes unique scientific provenance verification techniques and chemical profiling to document a natural diamond’s or lab-grown diamond’s point of origin. Our documentation also charts the diamond’s various environmental and social impacts as it is handled by dealers, cutters, polishers, designers, manufacturers and retailers before purchase by the jewelry buyer.”


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