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Grocery Retailer Services

Enhanced Food Safety, Quality, Sustainable Sourcing and Efficiency

Drive customer loyalty, reduce liability, and reinforce your brand by leveraging food safety, quality and sustainability. Food retailers and food service companies are pivotal in promoting public health through the delivery of safe, nutritious and flavorful foods. Consumer interest in sustainably produced products has never been higher.

Certifications and Assessments for Grocery Retailers

With expertise across the value chain from farm to fork, we'll help you identify solutions suited for your company. Over three decades, we have provided a wide range of services to retailers, including analytical testing services, training, third-party certification, and supply chain management. SCS also provides services beyond food sourcing and testing to meet your broader sustainability goals.

Food Safety & Quality

As the final link in the value chain to consumers, retailers are on the frontlines of food safety and quality. To protect your reputation and limit your liability from food safety incidents and recalls, your quality assurance department needs the most capable resources at its disposal.

  • Food Safety Audits - Food safety and security auditing and certification services for your stores, warehouses and supply chains- GFSI (SQF, BRC, GlobalG.A.P.), Tesco Nurture, Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP), Good Agricultural Practices (GAP).
  • Food Safety Training - Customized trainings on-site, on-line or in our training facility for your staff and suppliers.
  • HACCP Plan - Plan development and verification for retail QA team.
  • Pesticides and Organic - Retail loading dock, cooler and distribution center-based testing programs to monitor pesticide residue levels and verify organic claims.
  • Contaminants - Customized analytical testing services for metals, industrial chemicals, and other contaminants of concern.
  • Shelf-life Studies - Under various storage and display conditions.
  • FDA Import Compliance Testing - To ensure compliance with U.S. FDA regulations.

Flavor & Nutrition

Good flavor is a key driver of repeat fresh produce sales, and is one of the keys to customer loyalty. Likewise, consumer interest in natural sources of antioxidants and other key nutrients has never been higher.
  • Training - Sensory training to expand buyer knowledge.
  • Testing - Analytical testing and sensory panel evaluation for internal and competitive analysis.
  • Sensory Panel Evaluation - For internal and competitive analysis.
  • Management Protocols - Flavor and nutrient management protocols for suppliers and retail handling.
  • Certification - Antioxidant Certification, Pesticide Residue Free, and Certified Sustainably Grown certification for your preferred suppliers.

Sustainable Sourcing

Your reputation and brand are strengthened when each partner in the supply chain practices environmental and social responsibility according to criteria that match your objectives.
  • Sustainable Supply Chain Management - Leverage your purchasing power to reinforce long-term supplier relationships and mitigate supply chain risks. 
  • Veriflora® Certified Sustainably Grown - The gold standard in sustainability certification of cut flowers and potted plants, and the input materials, plant media and packages used to produce and ship these products. Become a Veriflora® Preferred Retailer today.
  • Responsible Seafood - Marine Stewarship Council (MSC) and Aquaculture Stewardship Council (ASC) chain-of-custody (CoC) certifications for all businesses in the seafood supply chain, including grocery retailer certification required for in-store labeling.
  • Fair Trade USA. SCS provides independent certification services for companies seeking certification by Fair Trade USA.
  • Bonsucro®. SCS is an accredited certifier to this new sugar certification standard.
  • UTZ - Demonstrate your commitment to the sustainable production and handling of coffee, tea, or cocoa with UTZ Certification.
  • Green Products - Specify products certified to a wide range of environmental and sustainability standards for your facilities with SCS' Green Products Guide, and qualify for green building standards such as LEED. Stock your shelves and bag your groceries with products made with certified recycled content.

Ask us about how we can help you train your staff and effectively merchandise these products.

Facility Management

Company-wide sustainability measures can help you capture operational efficiencies and create a healthier workplace.

  • Life Cycle Assessment (LCA)- Optimize efficiencies with a comprehensive assessment of your operations.
  • Environmental Sustainability Solutions- Optimize your organization’s environmental sustainability performance to satisfy your customers and stakeholders, build market share, and achieve significant impact reduction.
  • Carbon Offsets and Footprint - Connect with carbon market funding by reducing refrigerant leakage and choosing independent verification of this carbon offset with SCS. SCS can also provide company-wide carbon footprint verification in order to identify greenhouse gas reduction opportunities.