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Green Product Certification

Manufacturers are taking innovative steps to respond to the growing demand from business customers, government procurement agencies and consumers for green products and materials that meet specific environmental criteria. Third-party certification against recognized standards ensures your customers that the green product claims you make represent substantial environmental accomplishments.

SCS is a trusted leader in third-party certification of environmental claims with nearly three decades of experience. Whether we are certifying your product, program or service to meet government specifications, American national standards developed under the ANSI process, or SCS specialty standards, our certification mark communicates the fact that a thorough, independent assessment has been conducted to confirm the veracity of your green claims.

Indoor Air Quality

Certification qualifies products for LEED, CA 01350, CHPS, ASHRAE and more.

  • SCS Certification MarkIndoor Advantage Gold

    Stringent indoor air quality standards for paints and coatings, adhesives, sealants, insulation, wall coverings, carpet, furnishings and office furniture

  • SCS Certification MarkIndoor Advantage

    Indoor air quality certification for office furniture based on ANSI/BIFMA Furniture Emissions Standards

  • Floor Score Certification MarkFloorScore®

    RFCI indoor air quality certification for hard surface flooring and flooring adhesives

  • SCS Certification MarkCARB ATCM 93120

    Qualify to sell composite wood products in California by certifying conformance to the Air Resources Board's formaldehyde standards

Material Content and Responsible Sourcing

Thousands of products are certified to one or more of these popular, industry-recognized environmental certification standards.

Green Building Product Certification

Independent certification by SCS is sought by companies seeking to demonstrate compliance with American National Standards establishing environmental and social criteria in a wide range of sectors.

Government Specifications

SCS certifies manufacturers' environmental achievements in compliance with federal and state purchasing requirements and program standards.