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GAP and GMP Audits

Retailers and foodservice procurement officers consider independent verification of good agricultural practices (GAP) or good manufacturing practices (GMP) a basic requirement for conducting business with their suppliers. Based on cGMPs and HACCP principles, SCS Global Services offers auditing services to the SCS GMP checklist as well as the Primus Standard GMP audit. GAP auditing is to the United Fresh Produce GAPs Harmonized standard. SCS GMP and/or GAP compliance is a tangible first step toward more comprehensive certification under a Global Food Safety Initiative (GFSI) scheme.

We verify your compliance with food safety protocols using the most complete audit checklists. We have the highest standards for time spent "in field," and over 30 years of food safety and HACCP expertise. Our highly skilled auditors are technical experts in several food safety categories, and we participate on the United Fresh Food Safety Council.

  • SCS Certification MarkHarmonized GAP Audit

    Auditing to field operation and harvesting, post-harvest, Tomato metrics, and MGAP United Fresh checklists

  • SCS Certification MarkGMP Audit

    Audits for packing, cold storage, processing, manufacturing and more

  • SCS Certification MarkPrimus Standard GAP & GMP Audits

    Audits for Packing, Cooling/Cold Storage and Storage/Distribution Facilities