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SCS Global Services recognizes companies for their sustainability accomplishments through trusted third-party certification and auditing services. SCS certified brands gain a competitive edge for their environmental stewardship and social responsibility achievements, backed by third-party credibility and transparency.

Responsible Forestry

From timber legality to full FSC certification, demonstrate responsible forest management, and ensure that wood, paper and non-timber forest products are produced and distributed through a certified chain of custody.


Manage your carbon footprint through GHG inventory measurement and verification, and verified offset projects and carbon neutral certification. Position yourself for the emerging Arctic climate market.

Food and Agriculture

Ensure that your food and agricultural products, as well as those of suppliers, meet the highest standards of food safety, quality, flavor and nutrition and sustainability.

Sustainable Seafood

Certify responsible harvesting practices and ensure traceability along the entire supply chain of custody, including seafood traders, processors and retailers.