Starbucks COCOA Practices

Ensuring the ethical sourcing of cocoa

SCS validates the integrity of Starbucks COCOA Practices program third-party verification process. We train qualified third-party verification organizations who conduct inspections of cocoa suppliers in West Africa.

Starbucks COCOA Practices is designed to ensure the continuous supply of ethically-sourced cocoa while contributing positively to cocoa-farming communities through premium payments.

For Supplier questions, contact Starbucks Coffee Agronomy Company:


Starbucks COCOA Practices sourcing guidelines were developed in consultation with representatives from the cocoa industry and are modeled after Starbucks C.A.F.E. Practices. The COCOA Practices program ensures that Starbucks sources sustainably grown and processed cocoa beans.

The COCOA Practices program is a continuous improvement model that rewards the members of the supply chain for increasing scores year over year.

Starbucks plans to update the criteria in COCOA Practices based on feedback from verifiers, suppliers and the program auditor. For additional information on the COCOA Practices program please visit the Starbucks COCOA Practices website.

Approved Verification Organizations

Choose a country from the list below to see the entities approved for verifying COCOA Practices for Starbucks suppliers in that country. Additional organizations will be added as they are approved. Provisionally approved verifiers are qualified to complete COCOA Practices verifications pending full approval by SCS. Please contact SCS if you have questions about verifiers and their status.

If you are a verifier and can perform verifications in a country where you are currently not listed please notify SCS.


South America


CERES Certification
(Provisionally Approved)
Contact: Luz Dary Ruiz Valhor - Gerente, Albrecht Benzing, Representative
Tel: +57 315-5396013
Fax: +57 (2) 3321530
Address: Calle 15 No. 56-155 Of. D 113
               Santiago de Cali, Colombia
Areas of Work: Colombia

West Africa

Ivory Coast

(Provisionally Approved)
Contact: Josette Mao, Edouard Koffi
Tel: +254715041339
Address: P.O. Box 74696, 00200, Nairobi, Kenya
Areas of WorkIvory Coast


Bureau Veritas
Contact: Séraphin Kouame, David Ebia
Tel: +225 20 312 500, +225 20 312 493, +225 20 312 571
Fax: +225 20 312 541
Address: 01 BP 1453 Abidjan 01, Côte D'Ivoire
Areas of Work: Ivory Coast

IMO Swiss AG
Contact: Ute Eisenlohr
Tel: +41 (0)71 626 0 626
Fax: +41 (0)71 626 0 623
Address: IMO Group Office
Weststrasse 51
               CH-8570 Weinfelden, Switzerland
Areas of Work: Ivory Coast