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Whole Building LCA

Assessing Entire Building Systems
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As an architect or designer, property owner, building professional, or facility manager, identifying cost-effective solutions to minimize the environmental impacts of your building can be a real challenge. Whole Building LCAs remove the guesswork by enabling you to model all life cycle (LCA) impacts of your building, monitor actual impacts over time, and modify practices and purchases to achieve the best environmental performance results.

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Online Calculator

Based on life cycle assessment (LCA), the Whole Building LCA is a groundbreaking online tool that accounts for all environmental and human health impacts from building design and construction through operations and maintenance, occupancy, and end-of life.

Contact Keith Killpack to receive a demo of the Whole Building LCA online calculator tool.


For the first time, property owners, building professionals, facility managers, and occupants can collaborate to determine the best ways to minimize environmental impacts. The Whole Building LCA interactive platform enables users to:

Design and Construction
  • Make environmentally informed choices about building products and materials, landscaping, and infrastructure
  • Focus LEED projects on credits that maximize environmental benefit per dollar invested
  • Minimize impacts from tenant improvement
  • Reduce workforce impacts associated with furniture, equipment, office supplies and other daily activities and purchases
Operations and Maintenance
  • Identify cost-effective equipment and service options with greatest energy and water efficiency and lowest environmental impacts
  • Guide your workforce toward commute, business travel, and other daily travel options with the lowest impacts
Employee Ecoprofiles

Employee ecoprofiles, developed as part of the Whole Building LCA program, provide building occupants with a unique means of tracking individual impacts related to commute, transportation and other work-related activities. This management tool helps identify opportunities and incentivize action toward impact reduction.

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