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Sustainably Grown Diamond Certification

Third-Party Verification for Lab Grown Diamonds

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Consumers are demanding lab grown diamonds which have achieved the highest level of assurance possible for ethical production. With so many diverging claims in the marketplace, they want to have full confidence that the diamonds they purchase have a positive effect on people and the environment. Finally, there is a solution – Sustainably Grown Diamonds. SCS Global Services, in collaboration with the Lab Grown Diamond Council, has created the first sustainability standard in the diamond and jewelry market and will provide third-party verification for growers and retailers globally.

As a diamond grower or retailer, you can now increase market share and consumer trust by verifying that your processes are guided by environmental stewardship, social responsibility, and economic viability. Earning the Sustainably Grown Diamond Label also signifies that you are contributing to the cutting-edge climate neutrality benchmark. Contact our certification experts today.

SCS is an international leader in third-party environmental and sustainability certification and standards development with extensive expertise in precious metal traceability and transparency.

Earning the sustainably grown diamond certification with SCS offers following:

  • A third-party Certification Report that will provide technical substantiation of all claims, describing every aspect of sustainability that is certified, and the evidence used as the basis of the certification.
  • Qualifying language for marketing claims will be provided for use on company webpages, in advertising, and in corporate marketing materials.
  • Provision of certification labels and on-product claims. These claims will include qualifying language meeting the Federal Trade Commission's Green Guidelines by substantiating sustainability claims and other relevant requirements.
  • Process
  • Additional Benefits
  1. Contract signed to initiate project
  2. Kick-off call
  3. Initial document review (SCS desk audit)
  4. Site audit planning
  5. Site audit
  6. Verification report issuance
  7. Opportunity for improvements (pending verification report issuance)
  8. (If eligible) Certification granted
  9. Claims regarding Sustainably Grown begins

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