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Join the growing body of agricultural producers, grocery retailers, and food and beverage companies that use Sustainably Grown to recognize innovation in sustainability, map risk in supply chains, and identify opportunities to improve practices. Sustainably Grown is a detailed framework that is applied to agricultural operations around the world, large and small, providing a roadmap to satisfy the emerging market for environmental stewardship and social responsibility. Opting for an independent assessment by a neutral third-party allows for the use of a straightforward claim – Sustainably Grown – to appeal to buyers and consumers.

Meet Walmart’s 2025 pollinator health commitments with the Sustainably Grown program – a third-party certification scheme approved to verify the positive impacts of your Integrated Pest Management (IPM) program. Furthermore, the Sustainably Grown standard complies with responsible sourcing policies at ALDI, Costco, REWE and Unilever among others.

The Sustainably Grown framework is consistently ranked among the highest standards in independent surveys and is aligned with leading US and European standards and initiatives. The certification program is aligned with the Global Social Compliance Programme (GSCP), and recognized by Unilever, the Sustainable Trade Initiative (IDH), and major brands, as part of their sustainable sourcing policies. Fresh fruit and vegetables, nuts, grains, and other crops have been certified in countries on four continents.

Complementary Services
Sustainably Grown combines easily with food safety audits to allow for streamlining and the reduction of audit fatigue and costs. Take advantage of combined GLOBALG.A.P. and Sustainably Grown certification and SCS’ full suite of other food and agriculture services.

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In December 2022, SCS published Version 3.0 of the Certification Standard for Sustainably Grown Agricultural Crops, which provides a comprehensive framework and common set of requirements grouped into three categories: Business Integrity, Sustainable Farming Practices, and Ethical Stewardship.

Agricultural crops of all types and production systems of all sizes are eligible. Our global network of auditors can complete assessments anywhere in the world.

Companies are eligible to make the “Sustainably Grown” claim for their Certified Production Operations in accordance with SCS procedures, and in addition, may make the complementary claims:

  • Farmworker Protection
  • Water Conservation
  • Soil Conservation
  • Biodiversity Protection
  • Pollinator Friendly
  • Climate Neutral*
    (*once phase-in requirements are fulfilled)

Producers can take their commitment to sustainability even further, opting to meet additional requirements that allow them to achieve recognition under one or more of the following cutting-edge Trailblazer categories: 

  • Living Wage  
  • Regenerative Agriculture 
  • Farmworker Empowerment 
  • Community Development
  • Biodiversity Champion 

Version 3.0 was developed in accordance with SCS’ Standards Development Procedure, which emphasizes stakeholder input and transparency. This updated version incorporates the latest best practices in responsible agricultural production and is aligned with other industry-level initiatives.

Customized, non-certification conformance assessments are also available for business-to-business recognition opportunities.

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