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Starbucks COCOA Practices

Ensuring the ethical sourcing of cocoa

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SCS supports the efforts of the integrity of Starbucks COCOA Practices program third-party verification process. Starbucks COCOA Practices is designed to ensure the continuous supply of ethically-sourced cocoa while contributing positively to cocoa-farming communities. This partnership with Starbucks allows SCS to train qualified third-party verification organizations who conduct inspections of cocoa suppliers in West Africa, and other countries, based on the program criteria.

Looking for an approved Verification Organization?
See a list of our Approved Verification Organizations

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Starbucks defines sustainability as an economically viable model that addresses the social and environmental needs of all the participants in the supply chain from farmer to consumer. Starbucks relies on SCS to overview the quality of the third-party verification process for the COCOA Practices program.

Looking for Scorecards or other Resources?
Documents for Verification Organizations and Suppliers are available in the tables below.

For Supplier questions, contact Starbucks Farmer Support Center: [email protected]


Title Documents
COCOA Practices Formulaire de Signature de la Réunion de Clôture French
V3.3 COCOA Practices Scorecard English | French

Document for Verification Organizations

Title Documents
V2.2 COCOA Practices Verification Organization Approval Procedure (New) English |
V3.3 COCOA Practices Field Notes French | English

Document for Suppliers

Title Documents
COCOA Practices Terms and Conditions - effective July 1st, 2018 English | French
Roles and Responsibilities of Observers English | French
Supplier application form English