Responsible Animal Fiber

Demonstrate your commitment to sourcing and utilizing ethical animal fibers with supply chain certification to one of the Textile Exchange animal fiber standards.

The Textile Exchange Responsible animal fiber standards for wool, mohair, and alpaca, address the welfare of the animals and the land they graze on. Consumers are increasingly concerned about the treatment of animals. These standards facilitate communication of animal welfare down through the supply chain. Suppliers can demonstrate their commitment to the welfare of the animals and the land they graze on by voluntarily certifying under a selection of animal fiber standards.

SCS offers third-party certification to recognize supplier utilization of responsible animal fiber coming from sources that meet rigorous animal welfare and land management requirements in the production of wool, mohair and alpaca fibers.

These certifications address the animal’s welfare and the land that they graze on, ensuring that the materials come from farms with a progressive approach to land management, holistic respect for animal welfare (the Five Freedoms), and a strong chain of custody for certified materials as they move through the supply chain.

SCS has highly qualified auditors experienced in the textile industry who are regionally located to support suppliers worldwide.

  • Process
  • Apply for Certification
  • Data Collection
    • SCS auditor works with the client to collect necessary data according to the standard.
    • SCS auditor schedules onsite audit with the client.
  • Onsite Audit
    • SCS Auditor observes operations on the farm, interviews workers, and examine records related to the requirements of the standard. The audit takes 1-2 days per farm site.
  • Draft Assessment Report
    • SCS auditor writes a draft assessment report that details the findings of the audit, which includes data analysis, non-conformities, and opportunities for improvement.
    • SCS submits a quote for conducting the audit.
  • Corrective Actions
    • Client responds to any non-conformities with a Corrective Action Plan.
    • Client may also make comments and responses to the information contained in the report and the conclusions drawn by the auditor.
  • Certification Decision
    • SCS conducts a final technical review of the assessment report and makes the final certification decision.
    • If certification is granted, SCS issues to the client a certificate verifying compliance with the standard.
    • Upon certification, the client is listed on the SCS website and will be introduced to the SCS marketing team to discuss marketing support of certification.
  • Certification Maintenance and Renewal
    • Certification is valid for three years.
    • Annual onsite audits are required under the standard to maintain your certification. Audits may be scheduled to take place during times of higher risk (i.e. marking and shearing) at the discretion of the SCS.

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