SCS Plant-Based Certification

A robust program that delivers trust and transparency in product labeling through third-party audits.

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The global demand for plant-based products is experiencing extraordinary growth. The SCS-109 Standard for Plant-Based certification responds to the need for accurate labeling to distinguish plant-based products and help consumers make confident purchasing decisions. Certification to the SCS-109 Standard provides the third-party objectivity for brands to verify that their products do not contain any animal-derived inputs and that products for human and animal consumption are comprised of a minimum of 95% plant-based ingredients. Eligible products include Food, Beverages, CBD and Personal Care products (must be 50% plant-based). The certification’s audit mechanisms, procedures, and quality systems are aligned with our other food labeling certification programs, such as the SCS Gluten-Free, making it possible for companies to reduce audit fatigue and bundle plant-based certification with other product label claims.


Why Choose SCS?

Built on nearly 40 years of expertise in standards development, auditing and certification services, our experts can offer you the needed insight and third-party objectivity to credibly prove your plant-based food claims. In choosing SCS, you can look forward to:

  • Dual-trained auditors and support staff for Non-GMO Project, USDA Organic, Gluten-Free and Plant-Based certifications
  • Fast turnaround time
  • Exceptional customer service
  • Discount on bundled services
  • Process
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  • Complete Application
    First, fill out the SCS application form to receive a complimentary quote.
  • Submit Documentation
    Submit required documentation for your products, ingredients, and facilities.    
  • Desk Audit or Inspection
    SCS technical staff reviews your documentation, evaluates risk of ingredients and facilities, and conducts an audit of the products and facility to ensure full conformance with the standard. When risk is elevated, virtual and onsite inspections are required in lieu of a documentation-based desk audit.  
  • Report
    SCS produces a report detailing the outcome of the audit. If any nonconformities are identified, SCS can advise on corrective actions. 
  • Certification
    If your product meets the Standard’s criteria, you are issued a certificate of compliance valid for one year and are permitted to use the “SCS Plant-Based” seal on product packaging in accordance with the SCS Label and Language Guide.    
  • Renewal
    Annual evaluation and ongoing testing are required to maintain SCS Plant-Based certification status. 

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