Food Safety Audit Innovations

Expanded on-site and virtual options to meet the Covid-19 challenge and beyond

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Food workers stand at the frontlines of the Covid-19 global pandemic, ensuring that we continue to be able to eat fresh and healthy food, despite unprecedented challenges. Companies like yours face production schedule disruptions, supply chain interruptions, volatile swings in demand, and potential worker shortages. Amidst these changes, there has never been a more urgent need for sound food safety practices backed up by independent audits. In response, SCS has developed diverse on-site and remote food safety auditing options to help you keep your food safety program on-track.

Why choose SCS?

Since 1984, SCS Global Services has been a leading pioneer in science-based food safety auditing and certification. Our enhanced auditing protocols and innovative technologies are comprehensive and non-intrusive.

These approaches combine state-of-the-art, virtual video livestream and recording technologies with more than three decades of in-depth auditing expertise, to help you assure GMP or GFSI level performance. Our auditing solutions can also enhance the audit experience for our clients, now and into the future.

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Types of Food Safety Audits

Audits are tailored to meet company needs, taking into consideration applicable travel restrictions, access restrictions, and safe social distancing. Our new on-site virtually enhanced audits and remotely conducted virtually enhanced audits are available when traditional on-site audits are not an option:  

  • NEW:  On-Site Virtually-Enabled Audits
    Auditors conduct live virtual “walk-through” inspections, providing moment-by-moment instruction to the appointed on-site food safety staff counterpart, using video livestream technology, high-resolution 360° video cameras, GPS, and other tools. Having auditors physically on-site supports optimal livestream connectivity, on-the-spot camera footage review, the opportunity for face-to-face employee interviews, and other benefits. Applicable when permitted on the premises but restricted in terms of full access.
  • NEW:  Remote Virtually-Enabled Audits
    These audits utilize all of the tools of the on-site virtually-enabled audits – video livestream technology, high-resolution 360° video cameras, GPS, and more – directed by auditors from a remote location. They also include remote employee livestream or phone interviews, surveys and a text messaging hotline. Applicable when auditors have no on-site access at all.
  • Full On-Site Audits
    Auditors follow standard audit protocols, including site inspections, confidential face-to-face employee interviews, documentation reviews[lb2] , and more. Auditors carry travel certificates, use PPE, and follow strict social distancing guidelines. Applicable when normal travel and site access are permitted, and auditor safety is assured.
  • Desk Audits
    Desk audits are typically conducted as a preliminary step in the audit process, or as a means to shorten subsequent virtual or on-site audits. Desk audits may also be conducted when off-site documentation reviews and remote interviews are sufficient to meet program needs. Applicable as a preliminary step or when desktop reviews alone are required.

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