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Certified Sustainably Produced Diamonds

Third-Party Certification for Natural and Lab Grown Diamonds

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Consumer demand for sustainably produced diamonds has never been higher. Whether lab grown or mined, consumers want assurance from diamond producers and jewelry retailers that the diamonds they purchase have a positive effect on people and the planet, meeting the highest standards of ethical production and environmental protection.

The Certification Standard for Sustainably Grown Diamonds delivers on this promise. This standard is being developed under a reputable multi-stakeholder process, is administered independently, and requires third-party certification. It integrates sound sustainability principles with state-of-the-art diamond fingerprint testing to ensure traceability from the point of origin to market, and includes groundbreaking climate neutrality provisions, funding support for artisanal and small-scale diamond miners and communities, and much more.  

The standard, SCS-007, is being developed by SCS Standards, the standards development arm of SCS Global Services, in consultation with a multi-stakeholder Standard Development Committee. SCS has a long track-record of expertise in precious metal and jewelry transparency and traceability, sustainability performance verification, and sustainability standards development.

Market claims and public assertions certified under the standard are intended to serve the needs of diamond producers and the entire supply chain, reinforcing business customer and consumer trust by authenticating diamond origin and processes guided by environmental stewardship, social responsibility, and economic viability. Contact our team today.

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The purpose of the Certification Standard for Sustainably Grown Diamonds is to establish a uniform, credible basis for independently assessing and certifying the sustainable production of gemstone-quality diamonds, and for supporting business and consumer-facing claims for such diamonds.  Its provisions include diamond production from mined and lab-grown sources, and the chain of custody all the way to the consumer, including cutters and polishers, jewelry manufacturers, retailers, and loose stone traders.

The standards development process:

  • The multi-stakeholder Standard Development Committee is engaged in reviewing the standard to confirm conformance with leading sustainability principles, and to provide expert input on issues specific to this industry.  The committee includes representatives from the diamond producer, diamond retailer, NGO, technical, academic, and independent diamond expert communities.
  • Pilot certification projects are underway to provide practical, on-the-ground input to the standard review process. Contact the certification team today.
  • Stakeholder review will assure that the larger community has an opportunity to review the standard and provide input.

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