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Demonstrate that your fresh or fresh-cut fruits, vegetables, grains, juices, fiber, and plant starts meet the most stringent pesticide residue standard in the marketplace today – Certified Pesticide Residue Free. Certification is proof that your products contain no pesticide residues within the limits of laboratory detection. This accomplishment far surpasses government requirements, satisfies retailers and other customers, and provides the reassurance that many consumers are seeking for themselves and their families.

SCS is the world’s leading certifier of Pesticide Residue Free foods, working with the most innovative farmers around the globe using conventional, integrated pest management and organic methods, as well as with leading food retailers.

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Pesticide Residue Management

Pesticide residue free certification is a pesticide residue management and product safety program available to growers using conventional, integrated pest management, organic and biodynamic farming methods. Over the years, growers have found that they can fine-tune their agrochemical applications and save money in the process by monitoring residue levels.

Certification Guarantee

Certification guarantees that your product falls below the maximum residue limits (MRLs) for every export market, and the specifications of your most exacting retail buyers.

Certification Criteria

Certification requires that there be no detected residues above the laboratory’s reliable limits of detection. For most pesticides, this level is 0.01 ppm, which is 10 to 1,000 times more stringent than required by law. This level meets the universal definition of “limit of detection.”

Strict Scientific Protocols

Certification is backed by strict scientific protocols of inspection, sampling, and testing. Targeted inspection protocols allow SCS to sample those areas of the field or growing environment most likely to have residues. Testing is based on actual pesticide use to provide the highest accuracy in results. SCS chemists oversee the laboratory testing process, including blind sampling, split sampling, and other quality assurance measures.

Complementary Services

We also provide organic certification, food safety auditing, and training for growers and retailers. Ask us about our full suite of services.

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