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The asthma & allergy friendly® Certification Program is the world’s most recognised certification mark for products and services that are more suitable for people with asthma and allergies. SCS Global Services has partnered with the international standards organization, Allergy Standards Limited, to offer services to manufacturers who are seeking asthma & allergy friendly® certification for their products. With almost 20% of the world population affected by asthma and allergies, there is a growing demand for products that improve indoor air quality and create barriers to allergens that may trigger symptoms.

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Why Get Certified?
  1. Credibility
    The asthma & allergy friendly® standard is independently awarded, internationally recognized, certification created by medical experts and rigorously tested by a certified lab.
  2. Empowered Consumers
    Over 60% of asthma and allergy sufferers find it difficult to choose appropriate products for their homes. The mark helps consumers make better buying decisions.
  3. Consumer Trust
    The asthma & allergy friendly® standard is a regulated, physician led global certification company that consumers can trust. The mark build consumer confidence and reliability.
  4. Marketing Support
    Certified clients receive promotional and marketing support, research findings and help with educating consumers about asthma and allergies.
  5. Access Growing Market
    As the number of people with asthma and allergies continues to increase, so does demand for trustworthy asthma & allergy friendly® products.
Certification Overview
  1. Sign mutual NDA to begin certification process
  2. Speak with business development team about licensing and testing fees
  3. Sign testing agreement and submit products for testing
  4. ASL certified Independent Laboratory tests products to the relevant certification standard
  5. Testing is completed, and report is reviewed by ASL’s certification board
  6. If product passes testing, Certification Licensing agreement is completed and scientific repost is released
  7. Product is certified as asthma & allergy friendly® and company is granted legal use rights to display the certification mark
Additional Benefits
  • Dedicated Certification Consultant
  • Increased product visibility with your product listed on the Certification App and website
  • Access to Marketing experts and collateral such as videos, inforgraphics and so on
  • Collaboration and cross promotion with other certified companies
  • Assistance with Retailer engagement, content & education
  • Introductions to cSuite executives involved with the Certification Program
How rigorous is the testing process?
ALS is the foremost authority in identifying products that are safer and healthier for people affected by asthma and allergies. ALS does not accept paper-based evaluations of manufacturer data. Each standard is written and approved by a medical and scientific advisory committee using best-in-class data. Each product is required to be tested at an independent approved laboratory facility in compliance-controlled chambers using live biological agents by a team of scientists. Other important factors such as comfort physiology and physical performance to ensure the product can withstand the necessary cleaning recommendations, are taken into consideration.  
How long does the Certification Process take?
Depending on the type of product being tested the process timeline varies. On average the testing phase usually takes about 12 weeks and the total application and certification process takes 5 months. 
How long will my product be certified?
After achieving certification, the product will remain certified for as long as the contract is valid. To ensure that each product remains eligible, products will be subject to audit and compliance reviews.
Are there any restrictions on how I can use the logo or promote the product? 
Using the certification mark is strongly encouraged as long as brands comply with the Brand Manual and Licensing Agreement, which will also specify which countries/geographies are approved. Speak with an account executive to learn more. 
How is this different from ‘eco-friendly’ and ‘sustainability’ Certifications?
The certification mark focuses solely on a product’s impact to human health and not on areas such as energy efficiency and environmental protection. Consumers are growing more concerned about what’s better for their health, their family and their home and not just sustainability and eco-focused. 
What’s different about products that are Certified asthma and allergy friendly?
Products that are certified asthma and allergy friendly go beyond just helping people with asthma or allergies. Certified products limit exposure to toxic chemicals and contribute toward a healthier home environment, and air quality.
Can Certification help manufacturers and retailers with allergy claim validation?
The marketplace is full of misleading claims on product packing making it difficult for consumers to choose products that are better choices. ALS created this Certification Program to help consumers identify products, but also help manufactures validate their allergy-related marketing claims. 
What types of products and services have received certification to date?
Air cleaners, Air Filters, Bedding, Cleaning Products, De-Humidifiers, Flooring, Humidifiers, Insulation, Laundry (i.e., washing machines and dryers), Paint, Professional Cleaning Services, Toys, Vacuum Cleaners. Watch for additional categories as they are added.

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