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The Alliance for Water Stewardship (AWS) Standard is the first comprehensive global benchmark for responsible water stewardship. It provides guidance to major water users and managers seeking to assure responsible water governance, sustainable water balance, good water quality, and healthy water-related sites and values. Join leaders in the agriculture, food and beverage, and manufacturing sectors who are AWS Certified Water Stewards.

Join leaders in the agriculture, food and beverage, and manufacturing sectors who are implementing the Standard. If you are beginning your AWS journey, SCS can provide Technical Advisory consulting services and Training to support your implementation needs. We are professionally credentialed through the AWS Standard System Training program. Let us assist you to assess how your organization can ensure that your sustainable water stewardship practices meet the AWS standard.

Why Choose SCS?

As a leading provider of AWS certification, customers choose to partner with SCS because we offer:

  • A wide range of services, including: AWS consultation, AWS technical advisory, AWS pre-assessment, AWS gap analysis, and AWS certification assessments.
  • Customizable trainings: AWS standard training, specialized AWS webinars tailored to the needs of your company
  • The most experienced CAB in AWS certification
  • The highest levels of auditing integrity and ethical standards throughout our 30+ years as a global auditing, certification and standards organization
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SCS has conducted AWS implementation, training and certification services, including certifying over 30% of the AWS sites globally. By choosing SCS as your AWS implementation partner you will benefit from:

  • The most experienced AWS consulting and certification body, from preparation through implementation.
  • Customized services for every step of the water stewardship journey: consultation, technical advisory, pre-assessment, gap analysis, certification
  • AWS Training and specialized webinars tailored for your company’s needs

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Learn how your company can implement the Alliance for Water Stewardship Standard


Hear about the process to implement the AWS Standard and the steps it takes to showcase your sustainable water practices.


Download a responsible water brief to learn more about AWS and steps your company can take towards responsible water stewardhip.

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