Developing Product Carbon Footprints to Meet EU CBAM Reporting Requirements

Nov 16, 2023

In this webinar recording, SCS’ carbon accounting experts will discuss the EU Carbon Border Adjustment Mechanism (CBAM) which began its transition period on October 1, 2023. Global producers and EU importers of aluminum, cement, electricity, fertilizer, hydrogen, iron, and steel must quickly prepare to meet the initial January 31, 2024 reporting deadline. With complex emissions accounting guidelines from the EU Commission offering multiple variations per sector, there is an urgent need for expert knowledge on emissions methodologies and reporting requirements to ensure compliance with the CBAM regulation. This webinar discusses how creating accurate Product Carbon Footprints are a prerequisite to satisfy CBAM reporting requirements. The topics covered are:

- Where to begin: A quick overview of the CBAM regulation

- Understanding what products are covered under the CBAM regulation

- An explanation of Product Carbon Footprints and how they provide the data producers and importers need in order to fulfil CBAM reporting requirements

- The methodologies that will be used to develop CBAM-compliant Product Carbon Footprints for each industry 

- How the SCS CBAM Reporting Tool can support compliance by automatically generating Product Carbon Footprints and CBAM reports